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Sheep's to the herder?


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( I jotted this down in a few bored minutes after seeing the "What has America come to?" thread. It's not suppose to be good, just a collection of people's views really...)


Sheep's to the herder?

Cattle to the farmer?

Slaves to the owner?


Maybe so.


Millions of voices,

screaming their resistance:





Maybe so.


To them the voice's are but a whisper,

a humming in the back of their mind,

as they continue to sell the stock.

Is this immoral?


Maybe so.


No need for freedom,

no need for choice.

As long as it's not me,

why should I care?


No need for a trail,

he's a criminal.

At least we think he is,

we just cant be sure...


Is this the way the world works?


Maybe not.


Freedom is here,

Freedom is everywhere.

Our leaders cant be evil,

it's all just a horror story...



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