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Hello hello hello my friends!

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*brings some of his cherry (not cherry chunga mind you tongue.png) icecream that's leftover from his birthday party a week or so ago.*. ENJOY! (Also, I'm sorry if the random p0rtal reference (somehow) bothered you. I do not, however, understand your no discussions idea. To me, a party without SOMEPONY holding conversation isn't a party but... I guess to each their own)

Thank you for the food "finally" :P Brony .... lets PARTY Peg.s and bronies... dancing and eating awesome tasting food!!!!! keep the food

and music coming!!!! O, yeayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My name is Artqween!!! I am a party qween!!! Lets party!!! pleased to meet u all.  Huge fan of mlp show.  It is so cute and filled with peace and harmony.  I am def.ly a peg.   Ill bring a table f

Well hello there mom and welcome to the forums   I do hope you enjoy your stay here and make lotsa friends

thank you Concord.. He got me into MLP shows they r really cute and engaging.  I am a proud Peg. love this club. !!!

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