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Two Paths of Fate


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Two paths of Fate



by Gary L. Smitherman on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 12:16am



That horrible feeling growing in the back of me.


The feeling that you never want to feel, but it creeps back to you as a bug in the night, with you never seeing it coming.


As was the reason for my troubles came my way.


The problem arised in 7th grade, slowly overtaking my sense of mind without me taking notice.


Two years later, I discover I was overtaken in the feeling, knowing that there were only two roads out of this feeling.


The left road led to dispair and lonelyness, while the other clear path led to happiness and life.


But, as the world works, You soon realise that the path to the right is hazy and difficult to pass, while the route on the left was clear while dark, but you know that is the easyer path.


But, as stubborn teenager, I venture to the path on the right.


Soon I realise that the path on the right collided with the left, mixing the two feelings together.


Soon realising that you could realise one without the other. Intertwining the two paths, you try to venture on, gaining in difficulty as time passes.


Soon the path on the right grows on you, and you do not way to venture away.


But as you try, you realise the pain growing in your stomach.


A feeling worse than pain, worse than most things.


With pain, you know what had happened to you, but with uncertainity, You have no clue what had happened or what will.


Knowing very feel that the path's will soon come together again, You venture on.


Than as you go, you discover you have dug yourself a hole of your own feelings.


As we keep speaking, I fall deeper and deeper in the hole of love, and you know this very well, as the feeling of uncertainness returns once again.


Not knowing what will happen from the pit you have put yourself in, you keep going.


Forver strong, Forever venturing, making sure to keeping to the path on the right, the path I hope we will expierence not alone, but together.


I wrote this at the peak of my depression.

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