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Does anyone read the comic+review


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Actually picked up the comics the other day( all but comic 2 but I have it coming to me in the mail)


I really liked the first issue and can't wait to read the rest. Really like the pop culture references and the nods to the brony fanbase within. Not to mention just from the first giving chrysalis more development as a villain is a plus.


The micro series was ok. Nothing great but nothing to bad. Hopefully they get better.

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I have the first two issues and am planning on getting the rest. They are great and you can tell that the target for these comics are for us, the brony community. I really enjoy them, I've read them over again several times and I'm planing on getting the rest.

It would be interesting if they do tie the comics to the actual series. It would be interesting to see Queen Crystalis come back and say something that only one who read the comics would understand, but at the same time isn't to mysterious for the viewers.


I also did read the current micro-series. It was okay. I consider that one more light hearted and less dark. Kinda a kids version of the comic. Anyways I think that they will get better, I mean there are still five more to come.

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