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Gaming Just played the Scarygirl demo


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It starts off interesting enough with the fact that Scarygirl was found by an intelligent octopus (weird, but interesting) that raised her. Almost like a storybook. I can't say much about the story itself with what was given and I didn't finish the demo but the gist of it is that Scarygirl is haunted in her dreams by a man and is told by a guru rabbit to go to a city to find out what her dreams are about.


It's music is that "dark lullaby" type of music you would hear in a story about a child's nightmares or somesuch. (Not sure how else to describe it) There wasn't a whole lot of variety so I couldn't really tell you if there's anything interesting about it.


Graphically speaking it's not high-end or anything but it's artstyle is very interesting. Strange and dark locales with the weirdest designed enemies you'll ever see. Once again, it looks like something out of the dreams of a child who likes creepy things, but it's not exactly scary either. Think that Tim Burton kind of artstyle where things are dark and gritty but have that artistic "curl" to it.


The gameplay more or less reminds me of the Klonoa series but with an added comboing system. It goes together pretty well so you can combo your way into enemy hordes while grabbing onto stunned enemies to use for extra damage or you can just throw them at other enemies. What I discovered in the fourth level of the demo (where I stopped) is that guarding with the right timing can actually knock back certain projectiles to harm enemies with their own weapons. The only reason I stopped there was because I wasn't getting past it and I didn't feel like finishing it but I felt I got a decent look into what the game will be about. It's a decent enough platformer with some simple, yet fast-paced, combat. One thing about the platforming is that you can hover in the air after you jump, the thing is the hovering is faster than running for whatever reason so it's a little awkward going from the slower moving jumping and running to the really speedy hovering. You also get to use Scarygirl's long arm to swing from certain things (indicated by a glow) so this adds to the platforming. Can't say it's entirely smooth platforming as it makes it very easy to under and over jump but it gets the job done.


There's also another function that I didn't get to try out too much which was Scary Mode. It's something like a rage mode where your attacks are more powerful (and you get cool new animations) but unlike most rage modes you aren't invincible while doing it. You obtain it by killing enemies, nothing more.


Something I'd be willing to pick up at some point, definitely, but not high on my list.

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