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Help on creating Brony music and remixes


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So I've played guitar and saxophone for awhile, and I have a small amount of experience with helping my friend produce music, and I've been wanting to make some "brony" music and remixes of songs from the show and whatnot. However, I'm new to music production, and I only have GarageBand...


I am aware that using GarageBand is one of the seven deadly sins of music production, I've been saving up to buy Fruity Loops (I don't have $1000 for Ableton), but I may try GarageBand first to see if I enjoy doing this before I buy a new software.


If there's anyone here who has experience with music production and remixing, what advice do you have? Should I work with GarageBand first or should I go straight to buying a more advanced software like Fruity Loops? As for the type of brony music, it would mainly be electronica, but I don't really want to try to only do "dubstep" or "house" or any one subgenre.

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I've worked with music production for about a year, and I can tell you garage band is a great program. It doesn't matter what program you use as long as you're happy with the results. My friend makes some seriously awesome stuff with it. If you want to do electronic music, then garage band is a great way to get started. Also, don't forget to throw in some real instruments once in a while!

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