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Crazy idea for song-serving selections! :D

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I've just had a crazy idea for song-serving for something like a randomized radio-server, (if doing a Pandora-like server is waaaayyyy down the road).


How about an "advanced" preferences window where one could set percentage sliders for how frequently songs from each specific genre would play?  (Or even a slider for frequency for songs with each number of end-user / moderator-critic  quality-stars ?)


Oh!  And of course, a checkbox for "allow repeats before all possible songs played,"  (or maybe a numeric input -- allow repeats after n-number of minutes/hours"!



Oh Oh!  And maybe allowing users to save their slider-settings in a limited number of presets like on old car radios!


Fun! :D

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I saw something like this mentioned in another thread and i LOVE the idea. If we can the listener music via our own radio station it really will establish brand loyalty to the site, show off just how many great songs we have, and get people listening to multiple artists which is key. Even if it isn't as advanced as Pandora it still something that should be considered.

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I love this idea. It would greatly enhance the music discovery experience on pony.fm. 

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