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Pinkie Pie in WonderBolts Goggles

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Pinkie Pie's face should be a bit rounder, and light doesn't reflect off goggles like that. Also, she is missing the back part of her mane. I would suggest googling pony anatomy.

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Hmmm....most everything in this picture is a tiny bit off. The goggle aren't the same size, the hair is off center, ears are too high. My advice? Find a picture of pinkie pie at this angle and heavily reference it. Good job for trying though, most people don't even attempt art.

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1) her head needs to be a lot rounder. 

2) her ears need to be a lot bigger

3) mouth a BIT too curvy

4) the light in the glasses looks very off

5)her hair is missing the back, otherwise it looks like she has short-cropped hair like Bubble Berry.

Otherwise, it's okay.

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The shape of the head and hair are a complete fail lol its not very good at all but at least i tried! I only started drawing like a month ago and i really like it. I think it could be my future maybe! I'll get better though!

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That is a pretty decent start though, like most everyone here has said, the face does need to be a bit more round and the mouth needs to be somewhat corrected a little bit


Other than that...

Not bad :)

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Dude, I've got say, it's pretty cool, man. You're real good artist with some real good ideas and real fine art pieces. I've also read some of your fanfics, and like I said about your art work, they, too, are amazin'. keep up the good work.

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