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...Hello. Do you know who I am? I'd assume you do. I don't usually join MLP Forums, um... they're not my thing because I prefer to hide on Equestria Daily making random comments that make some sense with the context of the post. You can find me there as Moonestigate. Also I tend to use Palamon everywhere I go. So if you've heard of Ever Grande City that Palamon is me.


...Um... anyway...


I have no idea if I'm going to be active here. I have a home online. I meantioned it above. ...But I'll try... Anyway, I hope I'll enjoy myself here...


Oh and, in case you didn't know my favorite ponies are Rarity and Pinkie Pie. They have always been my favorite mane ponies, but in truth my favorite pony is Lightning Bolt and I want her to talk in season 4.

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