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Twiliscael Presents: Tummy Flashing is Magic


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What once started as something so playful and light-hearted as exposing a certain moderator to the general public has evolved into a force so much more powerful, so much more destructive than we could have ever imagined. For centuries, we have seen the signs. We've heard the calls. We've all known that this day was going to come. High atop a mountains, the old man gazes out towards the blackening skies and steady rainfall and gasps. "The prophecy..." he stammers. The people of the forum were sent into utter panic and discord. The skies have darkened, and chaos has consumed the world in greed and pestilence. Cities burn, while natural disasters tear apart the very fabric of society and civilization as we know it. What is this? Is this God's way of repenting for our sins? Some cataclysmic event foretold by our ancestors, lost to the bowels of history? Extraterrestrial beings terrorizing our forum (Scootacoooooool...)? A plot by the administration to purge all whom are not considered important or beneficial to their society? Has the Fire Nation attacked? The forum was plagued for many days to come. As time passed, people began to forget what the forum had even been like previously. Dust and debris are the only thing left. This is the rapture. The Revelation, it seems. Amid all of the chaos and destruction, there was a sudden and magnificent flash of light and an incredible boom. A light so powerful, that all who gazed upon it were instantly blinded. A sound so deafening, that all who listened were instantly rendered completely deaf. What... what could this be? 

This is what the forums always were at the core, and will forever will be. A collection of it's member's navels and lower tummy areas. What was once some silly topic made by myself to expose Discord in a way that may have been slightly embarrassing whilst in a state of sleep deprivation and slight annoyance has evolved to it's full potential. In other words, we've reached 9001.

People who have 100% willingly exposed their navels img-1276931-1-img-1276931-1-biggrin.png

~Chaotic Discord~- Our Almighty Overload of all Things Navel






Navel Princess Luna




















Djenty (fuck you)





Mofuggin' Stryker


























Rainbow Dashey






More coming soon. Join us~

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Y U snoop my DA bro, Y U post these things fur evey1 to c :U Broseph this is so old liek two years, wat are u doin.

This topic contains high levels of suggestible material that is not suited for younger viewers. I shall now be oppressing your topic and your freedom sternly and swiftly. >:U

Edit: Hello, time traveler! I updated my pictures. They're not crap, now. :-D

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On 3/18/2013 at 2:36 PM, Navel Princess Luna said:

Okay, so you want a belly button war? IT IS ON! img-1285290-1-angry.png

You have all the mandatory curves, abs and Fruit of the Loom boxers on this one. Who's navel now, bitch?

On par, at best. you cur! :ph3ar:

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