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How do you stop a Feld0?

The Soldier

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Hold Alt + F4, then open Notepad++, and type in:

"function myArray() {
$arr = array('Stop', 'The', 'Master', 'Feld0');

for ($i = 0; $i < count($arr); $i++) {
echo $arr[$i];



Save your document, then restart your computer. He should be gone when you boot it up.

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Step 1. Turn off your computer. Turn it back on. Repeat for 3 minutes.


2. Go in your internet browser. Google "Ruffle chips" and click the 7th result on the 18th page.


3. There will be several links at the top of the page. Click the 2nd one.


4. You'll be taken to a website called "Frogsingles.com" Make an account, but you have to name yourself Jimbo D. Frogg.


5. Send a message to users "Sally T. Frog", "Kimmy T. Frog", and "Cleetus" The message must say: "Du wup, shoo wop, do bee doo bop". Close the website and never return to it.


6. Go on a site called "Cheaplamps.gov" amd buy a gray and black lamp with a 1ft by 1ft shade for 72 dollars. Close the site.


7. Open up MLP Forums, and go to the Feedback section. Make a thread entitled "Bobby is a clam" After the thread gets locked, go to the home page. You'll see a banner saying: MLP Forums, open today! All threads made by Feld0 will be gone.

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