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Squid NInjas (A love story)

Harmonic Revelations

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 Once upon a time there was a squid and he was a ninja and he was like "BA I'M A NINJA" and so he was lonely because he was fast and no one could catch him. So one day he travelled to Argentina and met a hot dog named Samuel I Steamy and they decided they would acquire a girlfriend by breaking into the Vatican's secret vault where they keep all the girlfriends. So they went into an airport, but the door to the planes was blocked so squid ninja shot out ink and it went BOOM and the door was opened. Then they both ran in slow motion into the plane.


 Once onboard the plane they were like NOBODY MOVE WE'RE NOT GOING TO HURT YOU and then the people didn't move because they didn't want to get hurt by a ninja squid and hot dog. So the two heroes skipped happily to the front of the plane and took out the pilots (To dinner). Once they were done having dinner with the pilots they went back to the plane and took off. The plane went VVVRRRROOOOMMMMM


 Samuel looked at the control pane and said "WE'RE GETTING A CALL" and then Squid Ninja said "ANSWER IT." so he did because he didn't question squid ninja. Immediately afterwards, the pope appeared on the screen and spoke.




They gapsed in unison.


"U R TEH POPE?" they both said.


"YES, I AM DARTH POPIOUS" the reply came.


 They did a lot of screaming and running in circles at that point.


Then the Pope spoke again "U MUST DIE!"



and then Ninja squid was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOO"


and they looked out the window and saw fighter jets with a picture of the pope's face on the side, and they were SHOOTING AT THE PLANE. So Samuel was like WAT DO and ninja squid was like WE MIGHT FIGHT BACK WITH WEAPUNZ and then they looked out and saw a Feldicorn was flying by.




Feldicorn shot lazers out of his faec and they hit the planes so the planes were like BABABABABABBABABAA and they exploded.


Then they continued to flew through the clouds and they were liek "WE'RE  ALMOST AT THE VATICAN, WE CAN ALMOZT HAZ GIRLFRIENDZ!"



To be continued...

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