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Well, this is my first try at drawing ponies. I didn't use a reference or anything, so it's kind of personalized, but I like it. No hate, please. It's my first try and I'm getting better. smile.png

This is an OC for my friend. This is Cloud Crasher. smile.png


Since this was a really simple design, I didn't worry too much about shading. And I drew this at two in the morning.

And the lighting in my room made this look bad. Argh.


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Is it just me or do I not see any drawing at all? You should maybe edit it (The thread) and put a picture or something. Then we can critique it. wink.png

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There's nothing there dry.png

You need to add the pic before we can comment on it and give you some criticism. Try uploading it to imgur and go from there.


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This is a pretty good design. Not to mention the fact that you used absolutely used no reference for this is makes it even more amazing.

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cool drawing, man, really! Not even talking about you didn´t do the shading even, or that it was made in the middle of the night, I´m impressed...

The details on wing and mane/ tail are very well done, the face is maybe a little (little) bit long, but that´s just me, I guess xD. Woulöd like to see more of this, fine job!


btw, welcoe to the forum, hope you like it here ;D

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For a first drawing it's really good and you really shouldn't feel too bad. If you want to become good in the future (and you really do have the potential to) then just keep up the drawing  The design is good as well but personally I dislike the male versions in general so I stick to the female model :P

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