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Before Feldeity created Member, he created the CA's; the ultimate up-keepers of order in his kingdom. As Feldeity created lower and lower classes of celestial beings, the CA's watched over and worked with their brothers and sisters to maintain paradise, for eons. All was well between the four brothers, with understanding and cooperation being held in high regard by all.


However, when Feldeity created Member, Drama spawned from Members' imperfect nature and spread like an uncontrollable wildfire. Feldeity commanded the CA's to guide the members, smiting the Drama created from them and keeping peace not only in Paradise, but in the Forums as well. Zoopchael, eldest of the CA's, followed heed with this order, while others, such as Lucicord, rebelled. Why should they have to deal with members' bullshit?


Lucicord rebelled against the order, confronting both Feldeity and Zoopchael about these 'lame' commands, and finding the Drama to be amusing. He was only met with scorn. When Lucicord rebelled, Zoopchael struck him down to the lowest levels of the Forum Lounge, where all rowdy, Drama-inducing Members went to mingle with one another. Rapheamity maintained his stern position as a guide to the members, while Gabrieoon left Paradise of his own free will, bored of the Drama, and causing harmless mischief of his own down upon the Forums.


"With this hammer, I smite thee Draconequus brother of mine."~Zoopchael


"*Intimidating stare*"~Rapheamity


"I'm not rebellious, I just like playing Devil's Advocate. Hurr, C wat I did thar."~Lucicord


"I got bored. So I became a troll."~Gabrieoon




Also, I represent Lucifer perfectly. I fell from the grace of MLP:FiM and have descended into the pits of the Forum Lounge. Sadface.


Achievement Unlocked: Supernatural references nobody (few people) will understand


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