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so im bored and decided to start this thread.


you can request your OC and i will make it (badly) in around 5 minutes img-1284496-1-tongue.png intended to have crappy quality XDpost-11488-0-63578400-1363592042_thumb.png

^just like that img-1284496-2-tongue.png













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Interesting idea o: I would like you to give my OC a shot!




Good luck c: I'm really interested in seeing what can be done in 5 minutes x)



Alrighty then here you go, my Snake Pony:





Don't be too harsh on it.


I'm sure you can do it in only five minutes.

haha done both, both crap but funny to make


it is really fun doing this im just like that looks strange...oh well who cares:P XDD

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My OC Fender please, I just cannot wait to see this one. lol




This should turn out to be rather amusing at the very least. Can't wait to see it.

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Pfft..lol this looks pretty funny. But also cute. So I shall have one too...

(The Kay drawing was the best one to be honest. tongue.png)

Here's teh OC:  post-7662-0-43959300-1363603530_thumb.png 

If you want to you can add the watch but it's really not needed.


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aww, your style looks really cute X3 may I also introduce my recently made OC? can't wait to see how it turns out XD


here he is, his name is Speedy Head:




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