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Why, hello there.


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Hello there. My name is Kyoko. I'm 18 years old, a senior in high school and an aspiring artist. I first heard of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic last year, and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. After the first two episodes, I got addicted, and I've been a "brony" or "pegasister" ever since. I'm not very good at drawing ponies, but if you shoot me a message with your oc's description, then I'll try my best to draw him/her and improve.

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Hello undyingGrip laugh.png . You're 18 years old too! Well thats cool even though i'm no longer in high school and i just discovered ponies about a year ago tooohmy.png ! Since you say you're an aspiring artist i would feel bad if i didn't tell you that this is a great place to recieve some help and views on artwork so feel free to post it on the forums, I know i wouldn't mind taking a look at some of your artwork smile.png .


If you want feel free to friend me or if you have any questions shoot me a PM i'm always eager to meet new people.

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Greetings Grip! You'll find plenty of assistance and friends here in these forums! Friendly people, less drama than a broom closet and ponies willing to converse at any hour of the day :P I'm glad you found your way to this forum and if you have a craving of meeting new people pm me or most anyone here!

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Oh my adorableness of rarity eating fabric :D.


Anyways.. Welcome to the forums! Glad to have ya around here!


If you want you can always go to the Fan art forums and post some of your drawings, and maybe even open a thread for accepting requests of drawing others Oc's not only does that improve you skill, but it also might give people an idea of how you do, and maybe even critique on it.


Theres also probably plenty of users who if you get a hold of could offer some guides or tips themselves maybe for drawing and stuff. I'm sure your better then me regardless :P.


Have fun here!

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