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I'm new ^_^

Midnight Dragon

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Hello, my name is Midnight! I have been a Pegasister for a couple of years now, and I'm proud of it. ^_^


I like writing, drawing, video games, movies, animals, cartoons/anime, etc.


I am a weird mix of Fluttershy and Dashie...like Fluttershy, I'm quiet, shy, and not very social. (I also care about others and I'm very gentle, but when someone gets on my nerves I get pretty angry.) Like Dashie, I'm a major tomboy, I have a low-pitched voice, and I'm very loyal to my friends!


I think that about covers it...any questions? laugh.png

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Welcome to the forums, Miss Midnight!


Glad to have more females around the forums, the gender balance needs a little more tweaking to be nice and even. :3


You are sure to have a good time around here, plenty of places to discuss all sorts of things, you are sure to find something to your liking. The atmosphere is very friendly, and has been right from the start, and unlike many other places around the internet the mods here actually get involved with the community, rather than just be all moderator-like. :3


Anyways, hope you have a wonderful time here! See you 'round the forums! :3

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Well seems like your an intresting person ohmy.png . This is a great place to submit any works you do and get some feedback. Seems like your personality makes you a Flutterdash tongue.png . I sure you'll have fun here everybody is real friendly here. If you have anyquestions or want to talk to somebody send a PM my way. Also feel free to friend me if you want. Hope you have a good time here.

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