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The Haunted Manor


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Greetings, Sir/Madam!


You are hereby invited to the manor of Sir. Crankivitch, the owner of the only mansion in Ponville!

This is a very prestigous honor that should be respected with your acceptance to arive!

This night will be one full of partying and fun, all courtesy of the master Crankivitch.

We hope that you will join us in the festivities.


Smithy Clean

Welcome to the Hauned Manor Roleplay, or HMR for short! This roleplay will be one with a mystery that revolves around a murder, which you may or may not solve. I will play as any worker in the mansion, and you as the party guest. The rules I have are strict, but it now seems it is a requirement.


1. Any size post is allowed, just make it legible.


2. For god's sake, check your grammar.


3. No god modding, what so ever.


Have fun kiddies!













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I'm a use Breeze, long time since I used that OC xD




Sex: Female


Description: Light blue coat, Light blonde mane, Light green eyes and cutiemark of a leaf

Personality: A shy and timid Pegasus, she loves plants, she owns a store in Manehatten, were she sells house plants and other rare flowers

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Name: Johnny


Age: 35


Sex: Male


Species: Earth pony


Description: Johnny is a banker who lives in his comfortable townhouse in Ponyville with his future wife, Lisa. After a fight with his fiancee, he decided that he needed a break from impromptu basketball games and decided to take the offer to join in the festivities at Crankivitch Mansion. He is an average sized pony with a dark brown mane and a dark purple coat. His cutie mark is a spoon.


Personality: Loyal, kind, and melodramatic. He also has a penchant for exclaming ridiculous things out of nowhere.


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Name: Cloud Chaser


Age: 17


Sex: male


Species: pegasus


Description: Silver fur with blue mane and tail with sapphire blue eyes. Due to his great flying ability, and strange control of weather, Cloud easily became head of weather patrol, as well as second in command for a first react sever weather control team. He is the only pegasus who was capable of stopping a class five tornado from destroying Canterlot all by himself, gaining him a huge fan base as well as other awards from Celestia herself


Personality: kind, can be cocky, headstrong, jokester. Is a very talented flyer, and follows the wonderbolts almost as much as Rainbow Dash

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Name: "Bro"

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Species: Earth Pony

Description: A white mane and gray coat. Eyes are a piercing orange.

Personality: Kind of stoic guy, steeped in the ironies and simply keeping it real. He's a penchant for snark and you can tell that he thinks who he is. Comes to Crankivitch Mansion for no reason other than a vapid interest in being able to state that he went.

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Name: Ivy Needle


Age: 16? However pony


Sex: female


Species: earth pony


Description: Long straight black hair with green streaks along the edges. Lighter green body. Her cutie mark is a tattoo pen.


Personality: Ivy is kind of cold to new ponies she has never met. However, once you get closer to her, she can be a good pony who would rather chill than pick a fight.

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Name: Madame Bouquet


Age: 23


Sex: Female


Species: Unicorn


Description: Madame Bouquet is one of the richer ponies, born from a family of rich CEO businessmen, but her fortune is nothing compared to Sir. Crankavitch's vast wealth. She has a rich ivory colored body, complete with a dark blue dyed mane. Her cutie mark is stock market chart, signaling her future as the inheritant of her father's corporation. Der Madame always makes sure to wear a light green scarf.


Personality: Unlike her position would suggest, she's a rather charitable pony. While she does enjoy fine living, Madame Bouquet is not a snob or greedy.


OOC EDIT: I just noticed her personality and looks are exactly that of Rarity's. Oops.

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Name: Earth Quick

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Species: pegasus

Description: Dark Brown, black hair, Brown eyes. VERY weak in strength. However, he is vey fast. (Not as fast as RD) Cutie mark is a game controller meaning he is good at games. Second talent is knowledge of minerals.

Personality: He loves to run/fly. He is usually nice but mostly to his friends. He is usually willing to help as long as it dosen't involve strength. He is able to get away pretty quick though.

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Name: Juke


Age: 21


Sex: Male


Species: Pegasus


Description: Juke has a light grey coat along with a short, light blue mane. He always wears a brown vest with sunglasses. His cutie mark is a bass clef. Juke is an aspiring jazz musician that can jam out at any time on the piano. Some even claim that "He has the hooves of a god". He travels far and wide performing at clubs and giant venues across Equestria with his band, "The Shakin' Stallions".


Personality: Outgoing, open minded, and very modest. Juke gives everypony a chance, but he can be very judgmental at times. Even though he is a famous musician, he lacks self confidence and can sometimes be afraid of what over ponies think of him.

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Name:zena darkmare


Age: 15






Description:abandoned as a child she does not trust anyone

Personality:kind harted and shy









Personality:kind hearted too whome she trust


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Alright, let's get this started.



Smith Clean stood outside the door of the manor with his best suit on, looking as regal as possible. The drawbridge to the manor sat in the distance that connected the two mountains together to which the manor resided. The guests were expected to start ariving, which brought a smile to his face.

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Madame Bouquet stayed prim and proper as she hopped up the mansion's stone steps. Though her composure was calm and collected, on the inside the flower tycoon was bouncing with joy. Her, HER, invited to the most prestigious pony's party? How could this night go wrong?

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Ember landed gently near the arriving guests and looked around at the others. He felt strange without his usual layer of dust coating his body which comes as a given when one is working as a smith. This coupled with the fact that this was a "formal" party left him feeling a little out of place, his usual idea of a party involved loud music, wild dancing, and hanging out. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy being invited to such a party, truly it was an honor, but he just wasn't sure how much a pony like him could enjoy it.


Nevertheless he put on his best smile and approached the steps.

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zena landed out side the mansion ''i wonder why i was invited here oh well just chill and have a good time''she said to her self





Breeze walked towards the entrance of the mansion


unicorn pegusus cross
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Relieved to see a smile, Juke felt confident and smiled back at Cloud. "Wow! You're the pony that beat Rainbow Dash four times in a row right? I thought nopony could ever compete with a sonic rainboom! Pleasure meeting you! Name's Juke. I'm a travelling musician with the Shakin' Stallions. We just got back from playing a gig at Canterlot when I saw this invitation. I thought it'd be nice to get out of the van for a while so I thought I'd come here! Do you know anything about our host?"

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