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Dawn Riders Feedback


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Soooo...I noticed this section is also for feedback, so here is where Im at at this moment...


I joined a short time ago, and Am still kinda new here... but I can easily see myself spending ALOT of time on here....


In general this is one of the greatest sites I've ever been apart of, and is my #1 MLP forum.


The mods and Admins are great and provide feedback more quickly then most usually do, and from what I see, they do an excellent job.


The many different ponies I've met have been nothing but warm and kind to me, and have helped me whenever I have questions.


Im not a stranger to forums, and love the feeling of community instilled within this wonderful site and can promise you all you will see alot more of me ^_^


And last but not least, I must say I enjoy the site design quite alot ^_^

Im no stranger to IP Board, but still...The colours are nice ^_^






<3 MLP Forums

<3 All you ponies

<3 Cupcakes

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Thank you for the kind words! We all put a tremendous amount of time and effort into keeping this place going as best as it can, so it's always nice to hear that it's paying off. :)

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