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Welcome Dear Luna :)


Im sure you will make many friends here, we're a very loveable bunch :)


*hugs* I like to give hugs :3


If you have any questions or just wanna talk, send me a PM, Id love to lend a hoof :)

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Yay another pony!!!

Welcome luna im Athan I hope you enjoy your amazing time on these forums.

Eeeeep I cant wait until you get out of blank flanks and can enjoy the full experience of these forums!!

Have a nice time!

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Happy to have you here! Welcome to the forums!


You sound like a nice lovable person, I'm sure you'll fit in perfectly with the forums here, the people here are all very nice :D.


Have a great time!

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Welcome to the forums.

Very awesome to see another pegasus.


You have definitely earned a friend in me, if you ever want to talk you can send me a PM.


Enjoy your stay. :)

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