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Hello everybody I've been on the fourm for about 2 weeks I think but never introduced myself. I'm the only brony so I get made fun off even type every body my friend so I'm hopeing too be bbff (best brony friend forever) mostly cause I don't have one and well yea

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Welcome Welcome Welcome!!!


Welcome my friend to the friendliest corner of the internets :D


Im sure you will fit in her and find many great friend :)

If you have any questions or just wanna talk , shoot me a PM, Id love to help :D

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Don't listen to what anyone else says :P if they don't like you being a brony that's their problem. Anyway, welcome to the forums!



hopefully me and you can talk more :D

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Sup, Chilli.


It saddens me that you're being harassed for liking ponies, but I'm sure you'll meet some like-minded people on this site. I mean, I'm sure there a few people around here who like ponies...


Regardless, welcome, and enjoy your stay.

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