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It occurs to me that while Pony FM is primarily an upload and sharing site for Pony music, it does have comment features and such, and so I was wondering if there would be separate staff to moderate comments and PM's If there is a PM option.


Plus staff may also be needed to answer technical questions, and even Feld0 couldn't do this job all on his own.


So are there plans for staff at this point?




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Comment/Content Moderation


The site has a solid moderation framework, built with the idea of adding future staff in mind (in fact, Pony.fm's moderation framework is actually better than IP.Board's). I do not have any immediate plans to launch with moderating staff right out of the gate, but the site's ready for it as soon as it becomes necessary. Then, and only then, will I look into getting some moderators on board.



Private Messages


Pony.fm does not have a PM feature, and is unlikely to ever get one as you expect it. As all Pony.fm accounts also double as MLP Forums accounts, it's a piece of cake to jump over to someone's MLP Forums profile and PM them here. As a matter of fact, the "Send a message" button on Pony.fm profiles does just that.


Eventually, the plan is to remove private messages from MLP Forums and migrate them into a Poniverse-wide messaging system. Because that's on the agenda, it's extremely unlikely that Pony.fm will get a messaging system of its own.




Technical Questions


Honestly, I'd rather stick to answering these myself, at least in the site's early stages. Pony.fm is my little baby, and I really love talking about it. Not only do I enjoy that, but it also leaves a really good impression on people when the site owner is open and easily accessible for queries about his own site. :P


Questions about the site are of especially great interest to me, as a question coming up repeatedly may be a signal that the site does a poor job of explaining itself. Such questions are often useful developer feedback in their own right, even if they weren't meant that way.

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Thanks for clearing that up :)


Im sure the site will become rather popular so over time other moderators would come in handy, but at the beginning it will be fine as it is.


And I kinda thought you would answer all the technical questions yourself :P

Pony FM is more then a mere project to you It seems :)


Just as Windows wasn't a mere project to Bill Gates xD

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