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Request Draw me a sludge pony?

Lady Rarity Pony

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O.K., I need someone to draw me my OC. I was hoping to ask someone for a commission but I have no money to spend, so I'm looking for someone who draws well and is willing to do it for free.


Reply to this thread if you're interested!


I'll give some basic details on how I imagine my OC.


If it helps, inspiration for my OC came in part from the character Hexxus from the mediocre animated movie Ferngully.


Here are some pics of him from the movie (and someone's artwork?).


Hexxus in his sludge form:

Image: http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS66DuZaSZ7Pp6VRk5ra77b2U0IPPqNkqxXTJ2oWWwMHSyA1ALlhQ

Image: http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcThxCbEM1GHQW6IrG2H69OlZxI6rs84gmyAFmPCWORhAqoFHDO6


Him in his sort of human-like/sludge forum:


Image:    http://www.nostalgiarush.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/hexxus-final.jpg

and... a gif:    http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view1/2170528/hexxus-o.gif


The sludge in the first two images looks good to me. I'd like the actual sludge on my character to look similar.


Around a year ago someone had begun, but never finished, to draw my OC. I post her incomplete work just for the sake of an illustration:




I don't want my sludge pony to look like a blob. So I'd like for it to have a noticeable pony shape, as she had been drawing (although not necessarily of the same size). At the same time I do want it to look very sludgy. Not like a pony covered in sludge. But a pony made of sludge. tongue.png


Excuse me for the horribly crude outline I'm going to show, but I want to highlight the major features of my sludge pony.




  1. So the first part (as I've numbered 'em) is the mane and tail. I'd like them to be dark looking fumes and gasses emanating from the locations in the shape of a mane and tail as opposed to a 'hard' tail and mane made from hair. The tail should be curly like Rarity's tail (again the fumes should be shaped as if they're curly!) but not as neat as Rarity's. The mane should be more like Rarity's wet mane but going mostly down the back of her head.
  2. Second is her rib cage which I'd like to be partially exposed enough so that at least the shape of the bones can be seen (even if covered in sludge). Within her rib cage should be a reddish-yellow glow (similar to the picture of Hexxus above, but limited to this particular location). [Don't you love when a woman's rib cage is exposed? o.O]
  3. Lastly is her head. I'd like her skull to be partially exposed if possible, but like most of her, covered in sludge.

I want her to look pretty, sexy, yet creepy because of what she is. As the picture from a year ago is, I want her to be standing in a manner where at least one front leg is raised somewhat and preferably with some bone showing along that leg! [hot, isn't it? ;) ]


But, again, the picture is just to help illustrate a few of my points. Don't follow it too closely. I wouldn't want the sludge to be transparent or many of the other details on that pic.


So who thinks they're worthy to draw me one good enough to be my avatar? ohmy.png

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