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just another shy forum pony >w>


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Hey there, welcome to the Forums! Just stick with the rules and have fun, easy peasy!



I like your art too, seems promising although I can't be criticize it 'cause I'm having a hard time looking at it with my phone...

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Hi Kiwi,


Welcome to the forum! I can't wait to see more of your art work. Don't worry about feeling shy in the forum. The best part is you can ease yourself into the community at your pace. Besides, you are among friends here! 



Best Wishes,



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hehe thank both of you. oh and cal you have no idea ho much that song just brightened up my day <3 i played it over a good 7 times

You're welcome Kiwi. I'm glad it brightened your day. Leave it to Pinkie Pie to put a smile on any ponies face. xD


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Well if you're shy you're shy, but these ponies around here are all quite friendly, so hopeful you'll break out of your shy shell soon enough.  Welcomeeee

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