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Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

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(Please note this isn't the same as the topic about what songs get stuck in your head a lot. This is what is stuck in your head at this very moment in time)   This is a very random question, but I a

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. I love love love love love love love it!!!! It's the best song since... uh... LET ME GET BACK TO YOU ON THAT.

....this song.... has been stuck in my head since early this morning, so what to do? Listen to it more! This with headphones on full blast makes your ears hurt so bad it feels good.

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Got my helmet on my head, figureing out what that zombie said "what?"

Stuck with lava in the room, got one heart left I am doomed!

Two tunnels dark in the room, left or right I'll have to choose!

Pictures of last time, weighing on my mind! I'm scared! Oh well?

And I'm pretty sure, there's a big creeper, right there! "Oh dang.."


I know you're looking at that cave, and you're feeling kinda brave, gonna bet you'll be alright


Nothings gonna change until today, drop the pick and walk away!


My stomach all tied up in knots, this laybrith I'm getting lost!

This is really getting old, found like 2 pieces of coal!

Back down there its just stone, monsters won't leave me alone!

Then I walk over to some lava and of course I get pwned!

Remember the last time, I tried to mine at night? I Failed! So bad!

I lost all my stuff, it was really tough! That's It! RAGE QUIT


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Right now, I have multiple songs stuck in my head. This Day Aria, Far Beyond Metal (Strapping Young Lad), You Suck (Strapping Young Lad), Sculpting the Throne ov Seth (Behemoth), Nephilim Rising (Behemoth) and Tarantula (Pendulum). Oh, I forgot to mention, I like metal. I like metal a LOT.

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A bit of an amazing song and video:



Or if you want to break it down to an acoustic song:



I'll be seeing Toh Kay tomorrow night! WOOT!

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Fuck yeah, it is! She's my cartoon kindred spirit.

Gosh dang  it. Her arc made me tear up it was so beautiful. Anyway, I'll stop gushing and stop getting off topic.

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