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Hey everypony,

I figured I should probably introduce myself.

Right, so I'm a girl from the USA. My hobbies include editing stuff on Gimp, playing my PSP and 3DS, reading, and worrying about various things. I'm a pretty interesting person.


I was introduced to MLP by some friends of mine (online, of course) and at first I thought it was just a little girl's show and that my friends were a particularly odd bunch. But then I actually watched an episode and it was like bam! I fell in love just like that.

I got most of my siblings hooked on it, and we bond by watching and discussing it. It's a lot of fun.


And... yeah. That's about it. :3

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Welcome to the forums! It's always good to have siblings that watch the show with you. But yeah enjoy this has to be the nicest forum out there with the nicest people, if you say your feeling down there will be about 20 people in line trying to cheer you up smile.png

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Welcome to the MLP Forums.


We have discussions, friendly people and pie.

You know? All that awesome shiz.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy it here!




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Welcome Welcome Welcome!!!

Welcome to the friendliest corner of the internets [^_^]

Im sure you will fit right in amongst our many great ponies :3

If you have any questions, or just wanna talk, shoot me a PM, Id love to help ^_^

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Hello Iridian! Welcome to the MLP forums! Greatest forums on this side of the web :). Glad to have ya here!


I'm from the USA to so Yay :D. I do drawings on GIMP not as much editing, although they're nothing special.


I still don't have A 3DS and never had A PSP really.


Always happy to see another fan in the fandom! Have fun! And if you have any questions feel free to ask me! Or anypony for that matter :).

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Great use of that gif there, Velvet Remedy. That is one of my favorite scenes ever!

Zygen, you're a pretty good artist! I've never been very good at all :P

&thanks, Piccana :) This is one of the best forums I've joined in a while!

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Hello Iridan,


Welcome to the community! I've only been here a few days, and I can say I don't think you will find a more welcoming community. There is so much to do, and new ponies to meet everyday! I hope you enjoy your stay here.


Best Wishes,




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