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Visual Art Attempt at a ME3 Krogan

Flailing Dinosaurs

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This only happens under rare circumstances in enviornment for me.


1. Constant nagging

2. Bored out of frigging mind

3. A long break from school

4. Scribbling


and, TADA. You get a random Grunt. 'Sup, Grunt.


This is the first Krogan I've ever drawn, and the second ME3 fanart I've done.


Kind of bullshitted his armor because it was just a scribble XD sorry.



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Needs moar Thresher Maws and Reaperfied Rachni. >:L


Seriously though,that is very good art.The eye looks a bit big if you ask me,but otherwise,I totally love your art style.

Lol, I couldn't agree more XD Though, I don't think I could handle more complexity in a single pic XD So many weird angles to draw o-o


Thanks, and I'll try to watch out for my eyes next time ;)


Looks like Grunt LOL but yeah, smaller eyes and you're pretty darn close my friend! Maybe draw him with a shotgun shooting reaper forces? biggrin.png

Thanks! :D I can only hope to actually aspire to something that complex though o-o this took me almost an hour, and it was just a scribble. Darn you, hands, darn you...

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