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Martin Scorsese's "Goodponies"


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Has it been made? Please, someone, get working on it...


[Mane 6 and Spike sit at a dinner table]


Spike: Ha! Pinkie, you're so much fun.

Pinkie Pie (pause, then furrowed brow): What do you mean I'm `fun'?

Spike: You know, the parties, the balloons, the instruments...fun.
Pinkie Pie: Fun, how? Like, to make fun of?

Spike: (worried) No! Happy. Quirky.

Pinkie Pie: Like I'm here to entertain you?
Spike: No, wait - you've got it wrong-

Pinkie Pie: ...because I do like to entertain. And that's fun. Unless I was working so hard at entertaining for fun that I didn't actually have any fun. But I couldn't possibly entertain the idea of not having fun while entertaining because entertaining is so much fun...

Spike: Um...

Pinkie Pie: ...so you're saying I'm fun because I'm entertaining? Is that it? Is that what you're saying?

Spike (sweating): Uh......yeah.

Pinkie Pie (pause, then smiles big, eyes closed): Well, thank you! What a nice compliment.



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Sounds pretty funny! Somepony should do that, (not me though, I suck at both animation and voice acting), I'd do it if I could, though. smile.png

I'm right there with ya. Can't do animation, and couldn't do the voices. Too bad, because I'd really like to hear the Mane 6 do fake Italian with their pony voices.


Spike: Today everything is different, there's no action...can't even get decent food...right after I got here, I ordered a gem cake with rubies and sapphires, and I got rhinestones in a loaf of Wonder Bread.

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