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Hey daw- er- ponies!


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I decided to join the forums after I posted something MLP related to another forum, where I was banned for, yes, specifically for posting MLP related content for a few days. I thought, there's gotta be somewhere where I'll have my creations appreciated. I used the flash pony maker to make a pony which I think reflects me well. Here it is!





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Welcome to the MLP forums!

Your creations are more then welcome here.

We have pegasisters and bronies world-wide for you to interact with.


I hope you enjoy it here!




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Hey hey hey! Welcome to the MLPForums family! Everypony is fwends here <3

And no, you're not going to get banned for posting ponies here. xD


Nice OC ya got there, by the way. If you ever want a fanfic related to him, shoot me a PM. (it'd have to be either brief or a cameo though. :P)


Oh speaking of which, if you want to be fwends or just generally chat wif meh, go ahead and do it! :D Still, I'm only online around midnight to three AM Pacific Time, though xD


Have a nice night! Or, day, as it were ;)

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Hey there! Welcome to the forums! I'm sure you'll like it here better overall then wherever else you where, not only can you post ponies, but you can also discuss non pony things with other members who are all very nice :D.


Posting ponies elsewhere can be a bad idea in most cases, but here it should work out fine :).


So have fun! Talking about and posting ponies(Mostly) to your hearts content!


And if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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