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Were there "bronies" in G1-3?

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I am G1 - 3 fan, hello *waves hooves*

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No, there were no /b/ronies in generations 1-2 simply due to the fact that /b/ did not exist yet. My Little Pony related materials were abundantly used on 4chan in general (usually as references to the Sea Ponies "Shoo Be Doo" song or as light newfag bait in the occasional Get thread among others ofc).

Generation 3 references on /b/ however, were far more focused on copious ridicule of the source material. The overt girliness of the generation in question was far too much for men in their late teens-to-mid 20s to handle D: 

So basically:

4chan's collective opinion of MLP as a franchise (circa mid 2003-late 2007):


And then came G4 on 10/10/2010~~

The rest is history. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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