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Megamare's Super Secret Thread


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I'm collecting a number of OC's for a secret cause...

I won't tell you what it is, but you get something if you join it. So you should post.



You can join my secret cause if:

• You have an OC (non-alicorn)

• You are willing to change your avatar

• (optional) You post your Skype name


After meeting the requirements, you then must post in this format. You will be added to the secret cause!

OC: (link) (name)

Skype Name: (name)





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I hope your not trying to form an OC army so you can take over the world. [i'm already doing that.] But I feel bad for just leaving the Nintendo thing you started so I might as well join this. I rarely use my OC anyway so this is the perfect chance to.


OC: Flare Blitz
Skype Name: king_of_karp



I don't have a mic or webcam so I can only talk through text.

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I'm always up for a good secret! :3 Plus I've been looking to change my avatar. 


My OC: Piacevole (There's a link in my signature)

Skype: mightymags101

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OC: http://mlpforums.com/uploads/47a9afbdbdc84f1f0abcdd908ab684c6.png http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/357/4/f/_emma_storm____stratosphere_by_iokusanagi-d5oy08k.jpg 

Emma Storm

Skype Name: ChuniaC ( Oggewingman)

I added two pictures. I don't know what exactly you will use it for. (Obviously.) But if you choose. Pick the right picture please.

Edited by ChuniaC
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As for the secret:

Stay alert, most of the secret is finished. Expect a PM filled with awesomeness soon.

I'm surprised nobody tried to guess what the secret was.

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This looks like it could be fun, so why not, I'll join in smile.png


I haven't used skype in quite a while, but I'll add it once I remember my skype username lol.

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