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Do you think Equestria Girls will be live-action/animated

Lewis the Brony

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For some reason, I keep thinking that Equestria Girls will be a mix of live action and animated. So, the Mane Six will appear in the Real World, they look cartoonish to the camera but the humans living in the real world don't see the cartoonish appearance, rather a human appearance.


They land in Jax Beach, Florida. Princess Celestia would have them go to the local high school of Jax Beach.


Now, my theory would be animated characters in a live action appearance. So, its like Looney Tunes: Back in Action.


Does anyone think that it will be live-action/animated? It would be interesting, I guess.

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Kind of like how the Mario show was? I doubt it, though that would probably be very amusing.


If they were going to have it live action then who would be the actors?

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where are you getting your info? how do you know they will go to jax beach florida? I am gonna say it is going to be straight animation, because live action would be strange

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Live action?



Sorry had a little outburst there

Anyways no don't think that it would work for live action. First of where would the pony connection be? At least from the images we got of the animated version they sorta look like themselves.

Anyways no live action

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