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The Four Horses of Benevolence

Naught Important

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Life, located in the bottom left, supports nature and keeping the land suitable for life.
Health, located in the upper left, supports the creatures who live in nature and keeps them healthy.
Peace, located in the upper right, keeps the animals from fighting each other to maintain peace and prosperity
Feast, located in the bottom right, gives the creatures enough food and water to last through their lives.


After God Returned to check upon his planet, he was devastated to find out that the gods he left to take care of the Earth didn't fulfill their job. Therefore, the human world became a terrible place. For their wrongdoing, they were punished, and sent to Satan. However, he did not send the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypses' Horses to Hell. He heard that they wanted to keep the world at harmony, ironically. When the world didn't turn out as God wanted it to, they told their riders that they needed to ride off into the world to wipe out all of mankind, but their riders refused. Becuase of this, they were given the powers of the apocalypse so they could be sent off into the world by God to reset mankind. Once the deed was done, God tried something other than just putting humans back on the Earth. He instead distributed sentience into the wildlife, and giving more to the horses. Since the Four Horses of the Apocalypse knew what was right, God granted the horses on Earth with wings and horns in return for the majority of their sizes. Although, God could not stay on Earth for long, and he couldn't let the world be run by the Gods of the Apocalypse, so he created four more horses to keep their apocalyptic powers at bay. He Created the Four Horses of Benevolence.
Life Countered Death, Feast Countered Famine, Peace Countered War, and Health Countered Pestilence. He let the Four Horses of Benevolence roam the Earth to help the horses and ponies adjust to the world.

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I really like your style of art actually Cobalt. Just saying :).


The OC's themselves are actually pretty good, I love the way they fit together, and their color scheme fits their roles aswell.


The backstories cool and interesting I guess, nothing special. But its not bad or anything.


Overall a cool set of OC's :). Good job!

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