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I'm not sure how many bronies here have heard about this, since some bronies seem to have preconceived notions about other Hub shows, therefore, ignore them and don't bother to do research on them, but in season 2 of Pound Puppies, there was a great song called "Barlow" from the episode of the same name.


The music was composed by Daniel Ingram, and the song lyrics were by the episode's writer, Alan Hanson. The character of Barlow was voiced by John DiMaggio;



Daniel Ingram also composed the music for a sea shanty ("Blow the Dog Down") from the Pound Puppies episode "Salty." (With lyrics by Merriwether Williams)


I also assume that most bronies here know that Daniel Ingram and Steffen Andrews compose the background music for Pound Puppies.


It's also worth nothing that according to a facebook post, Ingram will compose songs for Pound Puppies season 3;

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