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Say whatever you want, but try to talk about stuff rather than just being a complete and utter goof. Keep in mind that while this thread has no official topic and there is no character minimum here

Is it just me, or do the villains get the best songs?   Seriously, its like a subliminal message.   "Hey kids! If your evil, you may die a gruesome death via fire, falling, etc., but you'll have a

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Burger King = the meaning of derp
My life's a lie.




So, who's going to make the 100,000th post on this thread?
Apparently Wolffie, or Haven or some random user :v
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What will you accomplish by being the 100000th poster in GCT

I may gain a level in badass and a ego boost.

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I will bribe you guys to let me be 100,000th. How does 5 bucks each sound?







Did I ever tell you guys this story before?


Well, when my folks first got Mighty Putty, they seriously didn't know how to operate it properly.


Wait... seriously??

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Yes, seriously. What happened was that they didn't knead it all the way, so it was just a stripey blob of goop.


LOL... goop. I love that word for some reason. 

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If you're serious, is it via PayPal?


Of course, Paypal is all I use.


But everybody would have to agree, and it depends how many people are actually active here at the time. I'm not made of money.

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LOL... goop. I love that word for some reason. 



Watch me here...


Boop, coop, doop, foop, goop, hoop, joop, koop, loop, moop, noop, poop, qoop, roop, soop, toop, voop, woop, xoop, yoop, zoop, choop, ghoop, ngoop, phoop, quoop, rhoop, scoop, shoop, thoop, whoop, wroop, zhoop.


Zoop's whole family.

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