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Another rough sketch: Head design


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I am continuing the art project of mine to draw myself as a anthropomorphic animal. I have focused my efforts on this one to the head. I think it turned out well. Any feedback from those with experience in this field would be greatly appreciated. The second pic is me. I am putting it there so you can see what I was going for hair wise.

Got done with a more finished version. It isn't colored, but it gives me a feel for how it will turn out. Any flaws, please let me know.




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Note to TS: This should be in "Non-Pony Art".
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I'm going to drop these here for reference and convenience.


Here are a few things that might help:





There ya go. Learn from these as I have and am learning from them. Hopefully they'll help you out.

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I think I am getting very close to a final product. I just need to adjust the eyes and then I can move onto body. Here is a more complete looking sketch


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