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Death smiles at us all. The only thing one can do is smile back.


In its time, Equestria was a place of happiness and prosperity. Although it had its share of chaos and dark reign from villans such as Nightmare Moon and Discord, everypony who lived there could say that they were happy and content with their lives. From the Earth Ponies who grew magnificent crops to the Unicorns and their innovations in magic, to the Pegasi and their skill with manipulating the weather. And among them, a loving princess to rule over them all. Everypony was happy.



But with happiness follows hardship, and with hardship follows grief. And for Equestria, hardship and grief came in the form of a plague



It spread slowly at first; the first sighting of it was a merchant who had abnormal growths on his body. After a couple weeks of having it, though, he began coughing blood, and the growths grew worse, turning larger and more grotesque, and finally, he caught a bad case of fever and ended up dead. The plague then spread over far and wide across Equestria, from the houses of Ponyville to the streets of Canterlot, leaving almost nopony untouched by its wrath. Soon enough, the stench of death became so strong that it seemed almost normal for those who were still alive. After three months of the plague, the laughter and serenity that used to be seen among many mares and colts was replaced with the wails and tears of the suffering. Even the fair princess was troubled by this mess, seeing her citizens being tormented like this brought tears to her eyes.


Surely, there had to be some hope in this crisis. There had to be some village or town out there in the world who could help them.

Where there is a will, there is a way. And while sun still rises and sets, Princess Celestia was determined to bring this suffering to an end.


"Your Majesty! Your Majesty!", Princess Celestia heard as a servant came running into her throne room.

"Yes, my loyal subject? What is it?" She asked very calmly. It better be good news this time, she thought to herself. Since the dawn of the plague, the only thing she'd been hearing were the amount of deaths at the end of the week, or whether or not they should resort to using another mass grave for the many ponies who had died. Those were things that she did not want to hear, for those things upset her deeply.


"I bring good news and bad news. Which would you like to hear first?"

Oh? This is... new, Celestia thought. For once after three months, there was actually some good news, just as she had hoped. So obviously her choice would be...


"The good, please"


The servant cleared her throat and said: "There is talk of a small village not far from here that has yet to catch the plague. There is still hope!"


Celestia eyes widened at the sound of this. A village, where there was no plague, a place where she could get the fair citizens that were still alive and healthy to safety. A chance to be happy again. She nearly teared up at the thought of this. But... then there was the bad news she had yet to hear.


"And the bad?"


"Yes, it coincides with the good. It has something to do with the leader of this village. We believe that the village is protected from the plague because this leader is... well, special. You see..."


The servant came closer to Celestia and whispered something into her ear. When she was finished, she sighed to herself.


I knew this was too good to be true, she thought.


"How many of our soldiers do we have left?"


The servant's eyes widened at that, but she answered anyway. "We've lost too many good fighting soldiers already to the plague. However, we still have THAT special unit on standby."


The princess knew what she was talking about. The Daemontouched unit, those four ponies whose specialty was perfect for this new cause.


"Very well. Summon them here."


"As you wish, Your Majesty."


"Also, I will take the liberty of sending requests to some... hired arms that I have heard of."


"Of course, whatever you wish, Princess."


As the servant left the room, Celestia let out a small sigh of anxiousness, and used her magic to materialize some parchment, ink bottles, and quills out of thin air.


"No rest for me, I suppose," she said to herself, beginning to write the letters. "It's going to be a long night..."


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((Alright, here we go.))


Canterlot Gate, 1645 hours.


White Rose warped suddenly to the front of Canterlot, followed closely behind by her best friend, White Darkness, and her other two seargents, The Jester of Death and Shadow Seer.


As they walked in Canterlot, The Jester yawned. "Alright, what's this buisness about? Why am I here and not blowing stuff up?"


White said, without turning around, "Celestia asked for us. Something concerning the plague."


Shadow Seer nodded in responce. "That is correct, though the true reason escapes me."


White Darkness glanced over his shoulder. "You mean that this isn't about the disease?"





Canterlot Castle (Throne Room), 1730 hours




The four of them walked into the throne room, flanked by four guards, all of them eyeing The Jester's abnormally large cannon sitting on his back.


They bowed, and White Darkness started, "Hello, Yo-"


He was interupted by The Jester Of Death. "Hello. Why am I here instead of blowing stuff up back at base?"


Celestia and Shadow Seer rolled their eyes simultaniously.


"Because, there is an issue that requires the attention of you..."



Canterlot Castle, 2030 hours.


White Rose's face grew pale. "So your saying that the village that is apparently guarded by daemonic powers and led by a heretic with a possible possesion, up to a greater daemon lord?"


"Yes." Celestia's face was grave.


"And that you wish for us to investigate."




"Will it just be us, or might you be investing in others as well?"


"There will be six others, meeting you in my throne room, tomorrow at seven in the evening"


White Rose nodded. "Alright, then. That will give us enough time to prepare."



Daemontouched Base Of Operations, Everfree Forest, 0000 hours.


The Jester of Death smiled as he unveiled the legendary machine, The Hammer of Light. It appeared to be a giant suit of armor. It was magically and physically connected with it's user, putting it's user in a giant, white, 10-foot tall, white robot with two giant energy guns.


"This is what we will be using for this. Especially in threat of a daemon lord."


White Rose looked up at awe at the awesome machine.


"How long will it take to properly prepare this legendary suit?"


"About a month, if my diciples have any skill at this."


"Get them working on it as soon as possible."


"And us?"


White Rose smile faded a bit.


"We have a daemon lord to kill. What do you expect?"


"I'll get the coffins ready."


((There you go. First post. Enjoy.))

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"This could make anypony go mad..." Vaas watched his village burn down do to the plague, when he notice a pony approaching him.


"Don't get any closer." Pulling out his bow.


"I've come with a message from Celestia." The pony froze with fear.


"What does she want?" Slowly lowering the bow.


"She is looking for any able ponies for an important task." Holding out the letter.


"I hope the reward is worth it..." Looking at the burning village. "Thank you for the letter and good luck with the plague..."


"Same to you." The pony disappears after a few moments.


"I guess I should make my way to the castle." Bowing to the burning village slowly turning to the direction of the castle.


------Outside of the castle----------


Pounding his hoof on the door, "Open up! I'm here for Celestia's mission!"


"Are you infected?" One of the guards asked through the door.


"I'm clean" Looking around the area.


"Are you sure?" Peeking his head out the door.


"Do I look plagued?!" Hints of anger in his voice.


"I guess you seem clean..." Quickly checking the pony, "You may pass."


"About time." Walking into the castle, "Now where are we meeting?" Looking for any other ponies.

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Diego walked quickly thru the forest, looking about himself all the time that he did so. He never settled in villages to rest cuz he considered that it was far too dangerous, what with the risk of infection from the plague which was currently sweeping Equestria. He protected himself as best as he could, using protection spells and the like, whenever he lay down to sleep whether he was in the middle of a forested area or in open fields. Diego didn't trust nopony; suspicious and paranoid, he considered those good points and the reasons why he was still alive, when other mercenaries had perished. He set his price very high, considering that his skills were worth it and that anypony who really needed him would not balk at paying.


At a rustle in the bushes, the indigo and dark red patched unicorn stiffened, every sense on alert. He did not swing round, not wishing to warn the other that he'd heard them. Instead, he carried on walking til he came to a convienient row of bushes then, hiding behind them, he waited til he heard hoofsteps; unsteady, uncertain ones walking past. Then Diego leaped out, drawing his knife from his belt with his magic and putting it at the pony's throat.


"Why are you following me?" he growled at the stranger, a pegasus. The pegasus gulped. "Um, I have a message from Princess Celestia! Please don't kill me!"


Diego released the pegasus; this put quite a different spin on things. Just why would one of the ruling Princesses want help from such a pony as himself, a practitioner of chaos magic who was shunned by almost everypony he'd known? He snatched the letter after sheaving the knife and scanned it. Hmm, this could be interesting... and most certainly, profitable. Diego told the nervous pegasus to go; gladly, the pegasus flew up into the air. Diego decided that this was certainly one job he was going to take. He'd have to do a teleportation spell to get himself to Canterlot in time for the meeting, tho.

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Linus was trotting through a abandoned village. Keeping an eye out for hostile wanderers and other threats. His eyes darting around nervously and threateningly, he carried two small, but effective silver daggers strapped to his two front hooves. He jumped as he heard hoofsteps coming towards him. He got closer to the hoofsteps, and without warning, put one of his daggers up to the neck of the other pony.


''Don't kill me, ya bastard!'' The pony shouted as Linus looked at him. Linus suddenly realized that this couldn't be a wanderer. Due to his golden armor and white fur, he must have been a soldier for Celestia. ''Sorry, sir.'' Linus said while saluting and lowering the knife he had held up to the pony's neck. ''What do you want?'' Linus finally asked after a rather awkward silence.


''A message, from Princess Celestia.'' The pony said while pulling out a letter from the saddlebag he had.


''A letter from Tia, eh? Must be pretty good.'' Linus said while looking at the letter. ''Well, I'm off, then. Oh, and.. Um... Sorry for trying to kill you.'' He said before using his magic to teleport to the front of the castle.


Linus trotted up to the door and cocked an eyebrow at the guards. ''So.. Are ye gunna let me in?'' Linus asked.


''Do you trust him?'' One of the guards whispered to the other.


''No.. He's scaring me, bro.'' The other guard responded.


''Can you guys just lemme in? I have my letter and everything.'' Linus said while using his magic to levitate the letter.


''I bet you copied her handwritin-''


''How do you think I could friggin' write with these knifes attached to my hooves?!'' Linus said while looking at the knives on his hooves.


''Alright, Jeez!'' The guard to the left said.


''You can go in now.'' The guard to the right said.


''About time.'' Linus muttered as they opened the door and let him in.


((This was fun to type :3))

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Raze awoke from his long slumber, realizing that he once again survived another day of this hell that was his new life. As if his life wasn't bad enough, now he had to fight plauge? Bullshit.


Well, here I go again, he thought. But as soon as he got out of bed, he soon felt a prescence. Someone was at his front door. Slowly, he crept over to a chest to retrieve his two swords, of which he had the pleasure of naming: Sift and Edge. Then, still sneaking, he slowly approached his front door, of which he could hear a loud banging from, followed by a commanding voice.


"Open up! In the name of the Princess!"


"Oh, I'll open up, you lying sonofabitch!", said Raze quietly. As if the Princess had anything to do with him...


Using a tactic he learned, he opened the door, but hid behind it as the stranger entered his house. Once he was in, he came up out of his hiding place and charged up to him, putting both blades around the pony's neck, ready to slice it if he had to.


"And who the hell might you be?", Raze asked, slowly moving his blades closer to the pony.


"I-I-I'm j-j-j--"




"I-I'm just a courier, s-s-sent from C-c-canterlot."


Raze looked down. It didn't seem like he was lying. He had the golden armor bearing the crest of the Princess, the white fur, pretty mich the whole get up.


"So it seems," Raze said, still keeping the blade's trained at the courier's throat. "What the hell do you want?"


"I b-bear a letter adressed to you, from P-princess Celestia herself, asking for your assistance!"


"What does she need me for?"


"I-I don't know, man, they don't tell me anything! I deliver letters, I-I-I d-don't read them!"


"Quit your stuttering! And give me the letter, slowly."


The courier carefully placed a hoof in his saddlebag, and took out an elegant looking envelope, bearing the golden seal of the Princess. Raze took it, and threw it on a table, still watching the courier.


"Alright, you delivered your letter. Now LEAVE!"


Taking his swords off, the courier didn't hesitate to run out of the house, not looking back once.


"What a wuss." Raze said with a smirk. He then picked up the letter, opened it, and began to read:


"Dearest Raze, I do apologize, for this may come as a surprise to you, but I am in need of your assistance..."

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Judith wakes up to knocking at her door. She hasn't to happy to be awoken from her slumbers but nonetheless she managed to trudge downstairs and into the main hallway. She answers the door and sees a peculiar stallion standing at her doorstep with a letter in hoof.


He hands over the letter and says to Judith "This is a letter from Princess Celestia and is of utmost importance."


Judith takes the letter in her hoofs and examines it, noticing that the stallion in front of her was not lying about who had sent the letter. She saw the royal seal which included a golden C which stood for Celestia. She opens the envelope, making sure not to rip the paper and reads to herself.


Dear Judith,


In the past three months we have lived through great devastation and plague. Countless of ponies have died, and we are doing our best to try and stop this epidemic. We have recently discovered a village that has not been stricken with such hardship and death. We believe that the leader of the village may be responsible for the cause of the plague and the deaths of countless citizens of Equestria. With this we are asking if you would be willing to use your skills in defeating this great leader from another land? This journey may be dangerous, but I am recruiting the best warriors from all around Equestria to try and put an end to this madness. If you wish aid us, please meet at the castle in Canterlot after you have made your decision.


Princess Celestia


Judith dismisses the messenger and closes the front door to her house, then heads up stairs and heads to bed. Waking up later that morning she gathers up her armor, her spear and her saddle bag for the journey ahead. 


Finaly making her way to the castle entrance, she is stopped by two guards at the gate. "Halt!" They say in unison. Judith stps in her tracks and waits for them to speak again."What business do you have here?" The guards question.


She responds "I have received a letter from the Princess requesting my presence" She hands over the letter to prove her precious statement, letting the guard take it so that he could examine it.


Noticing the seal he says to Judith "It seems like you are telling the truth, you may pass." The other guard pulls a lever and the gate lifts.


Judith walks into the entrance ready to meet with the Princess, who is further ahead within the castle.


(1867 words in 35 minutes. Hope ya like it :)

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Raze finally arrived at the castle gates, dressed up in light combat armor, carrying his two swords close to him. The letter said to go to the throne for further orders from the Princess herself, and that there would be... company. Raze hated others. All his life other ponies have just been dragging him down, making him feel like shit and a nuisance. Even until today, he always preferred to work alone. But, seeing the circumstances, he'd just have to put up with them (especially since there was also money involved).


When he entered the castle, he was greeted by two guards, their golden armor shining in the light.


"Greetings. Princess Celestia expects you," said one of the guards. "This way, please."


As Raze followed them up to the throne room, he could hear them quietly conversing about something.


"We better watch out with this one."


"I know, did you hear what happened with him and the courier?"


"Yeah. Poor guy couldn't even speak when he came back."


"Imagine what he would do to US if we got on his bad side."


"One mistake and our asses are so grass."


"Hey, do you think he can hear us?"


"Oh, shit! Shut the fuck up."


Raze smiled to himself and pretended not to hear it. He didn't think that the incident would be such a big deal. In truth, he was happy about it.


Finally they arrived at the throne room. The guards stopped at the entrance, leaving Raze to go in and meet the Princess. From the side, he could see the nine other ponies he was going to work with, five of them hired as well, it looks like, while the other four were from the Equestrian Army. Among them, a gigantic robotic suit was looming over them all.


Obviously belonging to the army, Raze thought.


He approached the Princess, and bowed. "Greetings, Your Majesty," he said with as much respect as he could muster.


To his "partners", he looked at the suit, and gave a big smug grin.


"Heh. Are we gonna be capturing this fool, or nuking him and his village to death?"

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Vaas was talking to a few guards, "What time does the meeting start?"


"No clue, I'm just paid to sit here." Grinning at Vaas.


"So helpful..." Rolling his eyes.


"Hey, where did you get that mask?" Staring at the strange mask.


"Why do you ask?" Taking off the mask.


"Just wondering." Staring at Vaas's face.


"I made this mask, when plague started hoping it would shield me from the plague. Worked so far!"

(White mask with the Japanese symbol for madness and red cuts along the cheeks and eyes.)

"That's a nice bow you have there." Looking at the details on the bow.


Drawing the bow, "Want to see me use it?" Grinning evilly at the pony.

(Dark brown with golden lines running in the middle of the bow I shall call it Bloodthrister.)


"No thanks, I feel like staying alive." Staring at Vaas.


"Anything else you want to know?" Putting the bow back.


"Why do you wear this stuff?" Smirking at him


"To leave my mark on the battlefield." Staring the pony down.


"Your...your mark?" Looking at him questionable.


"I stand for greed and madness, but at the same time I'm a dream chaser." Looking at the symbol on the mask.


"Dream chaser?" Getting more confused.


"My dream is to live the royal life and no pony will stop me of that! The only thing that could stop me is my grave." Watching ponies walk into the throne room, "Seems our time has come to an end."


"I guess you're needed in the throne room." Bowing to him, "Good luck Vaas."


Vaas turns putting on his mask and walks to the throne room.


(Finally done remind me never customize my gear again and if you can't image the mask or bow just tell me and I'll post a picture of them or something.)

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When everyone was present, Princess Celestia finally stood up, cleared her throat, and started speaking.


"Greetings, to all of you. I'm so glad that you all could make it. It really means a lot to me, and to the kingdom of Equestria. Now... The reason why you are here..."


The princess cleared her throat again before speaking.


"As you all know, this plague has affected all of us, in different ways. Families lost, towns burned down to the ground, rebellion... but what if I told you, that in this world of chaos, there is a small beacon of hope?"


This seemed to surprise everypony. There was no hope in this new world, only death....


Celestia paused, then continued. "Yes, hope. The one thing that we once had three long months ago, only to found just yesterday. At least, that is what I believed, until I found out the hard facts. What might this false hope be, you ask? I will show you."


The Princess stood up, and used her magic to materialize a map with specific markings in specific places.


"Far beyond the Everfree Forest, there exists a small remote village that not many ponies have heard of, called Swallow's Creek. This village is rumored to have no plague at all, and the citizens can live their lives free from this wretched disease."


She paused again, then continued.


"BUT. It is also rumored that their leader is a cruel and wicked unicorn colt who made a pact with the dark forces and uses his magic to pluck the dead from the cold earth and bring them back to life. In short, he is a Necromancer. He uses this to manipulate the townsfolk, and there is talk of sacrifices, of ponies eating other ponies, and witchcraft. Communing with the dark evils? Using his powers to bring the dead back to life? Such crimes against magic and all that is good cannot be tolerated. That is where you come in."


She handed the map to White Rose. "You must go out and investigate this village, find the heretic, and bring him back here for a confession, trial, and execution. I'm counting on you ten to get the job done."


Suddenly, like a spring wind, she flew gently off her throne and landed in front of the ten ponies who were going to partake on this deadly quest.


"You may be Equestria's last hope that we will survive the plague. Once the heretic is out, we will move whatever is left of the healthy citizens to this village, and the land around it."


She looked at the Daemontouched. "See to it that the mission is done, and your promotions to captain are assured."


Then she looked at the mercenaries. "A large sum of gold and an honorary invitiation to this year's Grand Galloping Gala await you when you return.


Finally, Celestia bowed in front of them. "Good luck to you all. May the light guide and bless you forevermore."

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Diego hadn't bothered to commune with the guards but had silently handed them his letter as the proof that he was specially invited to this meeting. Once it started, he stood with the other mercenaries, tho slightly apart, waiting to be told exactly why he and they were hear. He pricked up his ears as Celestia began to speak. So, that was the reason why he had been asked to come here. A Necromancer, eh? It was obvious that the Princess thought that a chaos mage like himself would be useful in battling such a creature. And the reward was considerable; the gold would come in extremely useful, meaning that he could live in comfort for many years to come, assuming that he survived the mission of course.


But an invitation to the Grand Galloping Gala? Diego stifled a snicker as he thought of himself suddenly appearing there, amongst the cream of Canterlot.


"They'd all scream and run away," he thought to himself, a smirk on his face. "And no wonder. Who would want to be around somepony like me, with a talent for chaos magic?"


Diego looked at the other ponies, considering them. He didn't work well with others, but supposed that for the reward, he should at least try to get along with them for the mission. He was being paid well enough to do so, after all.

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Canterlot Throne Room, 1930 hours.


White Rose bowed deeply, followed by White Darkness and Shadow Seer. The Jester of Death, on the other hand, smiled and took out his cannon. "ALRIGHT!!! Something for me to blow up!" With a pointed glance from Shadow Seer, he amended his staement. "That isn't the heretic!" Shadow Seer facehoofed.


Canterlot Training and Support HQ, 2345 hours.


White Looked at the map that was given to her. It was a smaller village, about 25 miles from HQ. She smiled. If it came down to it, the Hammer would easily be able to cross that distance in an hour or two. The village was relatively new- they didn't even have any railroads yet- but as a position, it was advantage: heretic. The place was perfect to defend. They had the higher ground, the roofs were flat for archers, and it had several high, stone fences around the village- the village could take an entire army of Guard by funneling them through the three gates, and not lose a single man.


However, they were the Daemontouched. While they might occasionally work that way, they generally worked in the shadows.


She turned to the others. "Hello, all." He reached out to shake all their hands, but stopped at Deigo's. "Chaos Mage." She hissed, glaring at him.


Shadow Seer was sitting on his haunches in the back, staring into a bowl full of water. "But if victory lies in death... then who is the victor?" She slowly stirred the water with her claws.


White Darkness stepped back and examined the various rouges. They all had that rouge-like stance to them. He liked that. But, yet, they all were... different. A chao- chaos mage. He would have to be watched for corruption. There was one who apparently- according to the babble of the guards outside - a notorious killer. He would have to be watched as well. Chaos was a devious, sneaky thing...


The Jester of Death had taken to the practice dummies, showing the guards accompying them what that cannon on his back did. "This one is for anti-infantry..."

A large blast enveloped three dummies, regardless of the fact that they were 10 meters apart.

"This one's for anti armor..."

A short beam shot out, piercing a 6-inch sheet of steel.

"And this one is for when I get really upset!"

He loaded a small dart into the gun and fired. When it hit the dummy, nothing happened at first. Then the dart detonated. The the frags of the dart detonated as well, and the chunks started to dissolve, being coated in a quick working acid.

The biggest part of the dummy remaining was six inches across. And that was before the acid kicked in fully.

At this, the guards started to back away from him in fear. He shrugged. "What? You were the ones who asked..."


((Post 2. Enjoy. Yes, I'm showing open hostility to you, Pripyat. They hate Chaos, for Chaos=Tartarus=Daemons.))

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Ooc: Tis fine. I already posted that Diego is shunned for it so it's only to be expected.


Diego watched the strange ponies come into the throne room carefully, not letting a hint of how he felt about the mission show on his face, but interested at how they would react to him and the other mercenaries. When the mare hissed in his face, he blinked automatically, but decided not to bother with a reply. Unwise, at this stage of the game, to antagonise those with who he would be compelled to travel. It would be better for them to at least be able to put up with one another, given that they were going to be part of the same group for a considerable amount of time.


The unicorn took the hostility directed against him in his stride. Obviously, these ponies were just like the ones he'd grown up with in his own town; they automatically took against him for his talent. Chaos magic was an uncertain magic, which not every pony could cope with, and of course was automatically linked to such beings as Discord. Diego had practiced his chaos magic relentlessly so was in perfect control of it, tho of course chaos in itself was the opposite of control. Tho at least he could be sure of directing it and it heading in the right direction and hitting the correct target.

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Animal was sitting in his house and was looking out his window when he saw the mailman put mail in his mailbox. He went outside after the mailman left and checked his mailbox. He lifted up a envelope with his magic and disintegrated only the envelope to see what was inside. It was a letter with a golden seal on it with a C in the middle of the seal. "What does the princess need with me?" Animal thought to himself.


      Dear Forest Hunt,

      You are summoned to canterlot because a dire threat of the plague has ravaged this land, but there is still hope. There is a village that is still free of any signs of plague because the leader of the village has a protection spell around it. The rest of the details will be given to you when you come to the Canterlot throne room.


                                                                                     Princess Celestia

 Animal then goes into his cottage and grabs his serrated knife, his smoke grenades, and custom made compound bow with his regular bolts, recon bolts that also comes with recon goggles, and his shrapnel bolts. Then he went to canterlot by a simple teleportation spell because it was only a few miles away from his cottage. "Well today turned shitty fast." Animal said as he walked pasted the royal guards into the throne room. "Oh it looks like there is a party going on in here. What did I miss Celestia?"

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Raze looked down at White Rose's hoof, then turned away.


"I don't do introductions," he said. "What's the point anyway? As if all of us are gonna survive this hellhole."


He did, however say what he thought about them in his head.


Look at them, he thought with a smirk. Is this really the best Equestria has to offer? Looks more like a circus troupe to me. All we're missing is a tent and some animals.


But he also thought being antagonistic wasn't the right thing either. If it's true, and these were the finest warriors in all the land, then they could kick his flank ten times to Sunday if he got on their bad sides. Sure, he was skilled, but he couldn't risk it. Not now; and surely not with the plague going on.


"But, I will give you the benefit of knowing my name, and nothing more. It's Raze. Why that name, you ask? Take a look at my tail." He showed them his razor sharp tail, which looked as if you could cut someone in half just by looking at it.


"And another thing... if you plan to work with me," he said, looking directly at the Jester of Death and his cannon. "Then you better not slow me down. You got that, Cannonback?"

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"Necromancy...the power to bring the dead back to life...I must have this power!" Vaas thought to himself.


"I need a shoot something!" looking at a target dummy, "That could work." pulling out his bow and drawing an arrow. Aiming down the custom made sight, he aimed for the right shoulder of the dummy. letting go of the arrow he put his hoof on his vest waiting for the arrow to hit the dummy, when the arrow entered the dummy's shoulder, Vaas smiled at the dummy, "Goodbye." pushing the button on his vest the arrow exploded into flames. letting out a laugh as the target dummy burned, "Can't wait to use this on the enemy." drawing another arrow. "For my next trick I will drill a hole in the dummy's head." letting the arrow go and waiting to push the button. "3...2...1...and you're dead" pushing the button, which made the arrow drill straight through the target dummy's head.


He walked away from the target dummies smiling, "It's fun watching something burn...and die." Walking to a corner and looking at all the ponies he would be working with. "Hmm...that mage could be useful later." Slowly walking up to the mage. "Seems we will be working together." Taking off his mask and holding out his hoof, "Name is Insanity, but you can call me Vaas."

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As Raze looked at the skills of Vaas and the Jester, he took back what he thought.


"This is no circus troupe," he said under his breath. Then he looked at the dummies. "I guess I should sharpen my skills before leaving."


Raze quietly walked towards a vertical row of five untouched training dummies. He stood in front of them, and drew his swords, charging towards the dummies with lightning speed. He flew past the row, slashing at them with quick strikes, until reaching the end of the row. The dummies stood there at first, looking untouched. But a split second later, their torsos were simultaneously sliced diagonally, slowly falling to the ground one by one.


The guards who guided Raze to the throne room passed by the training area, just in time to see him slice the dummies open like cantaloupes. They froze there, looking at what remained of the dummies when Raze was finished. Raze noticed them, gave a wicked grin and said, "Hey there. I needed a sparring partner."


The guards exchanged looks, and ran away in fear. Raze just laughed and walked away, thinking that he had enough practice.

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White stepped back from Raze' rather hostile responce. "You're rather blunt for someone with a razor for a tail," she said, smiling slightly.


The Jester Of Death smiled and glanced at Raze. "I'll manage that, unless you purposefully get behind me." He watched as he slashed in half all of the dummies. "That's pretty good. But you have to remember what we are facing. Necromancers can use large body parts like these. Just stitch 'em back together, and reanimate them. No, if you're fighting magically animated zombies, the you have to make sure that the body can't be used again." He took out his explosive, acid primed darts. "Hence these."


Shadow Seer looked up at Vaas's hoof. "Hello... Vaas." He grabbed him hoof and shook it. She focused on his mind- a interesting note came from it- and then he said, "While not all evil is chaos, evil can quickly become chaos... especially in this sort of pony." She stood up. "If you wish to have necromancy... do not abuse the power. Or we may find ourselves on either sides of this conflict." She nodded to him, then examined the stained glass windows.


(You do know that Necromancy is magic of life, correct? Technically, any spell that gives you the ability to see life, or to manipulate it, is necromancy. Keep that in mind.)


White Darkness, hearing that Raze was looking for a sparring partner, walked over. "So, you want to spar?" He drew two blades- a longsword with intricate carvings, and a shortsword. "Then let's do it."

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Diego was starting to get impatient. All this sparring was obviously just an excuse for ponies to assert their dominance and in the end, that was a lie. The pony who stood at the top of the mountain was not necessarily the best who ever lived; all it took was one push from behind to send him tumbling down the mountainside. That was the philosiphy that Diego went by. He never went in for magic duels as he could not see the point. After all, his chaos magic worked just as well when used undercover to remove an enemy from his orbit. Not necessarily by killing him, either. There were other ways to ensure that an enemy would not bother him again, and mostly, he prefered to use those.


The unicorn mage stood to one side, wondering just when they were going to start making plans for the journey to the Necromancer's village. It would be a long and arduous journey, there was no doubt about that; it would be thru hostile country in which lurked any matter of dangerous wild beasts. There would be in all likelihood roaming gangs of pony rogues who would fight them for the supplies and weaponry they carried. In brief, it required planning and they'd never get round to doing so if all they were going to do was spar with each other. Those were Diego's thoughts, at least. He yawned.

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''Sorry for being the outcast, guys.'' Linus said while stepping out of a dark corner and flinging a knife at a target dummy's head. ''Linus is my name, assassination is my game.'' Linus said while throwing a knife into the air and nearly catching it. ''On second thought, I think my game was monopoly.'' Linus said grimly as he sighed. ''Let's see here.. Vaas, Raze, Diego, Jester Of Death.. Probably the best name here. And White Darkness. This'll be a splendid group to pair up with.'' He said sarcastically.


''So, how did I end up following you guys? Long story short, well. Short story short, I was the last one to greet dear Tia, she filled me in.. And I decided to stalk everypony else to our destination. It was rather fun.'' Linus said, holding back a laugh.


''Yuck, sparring. I prefer a nice game of 'Who Dies First'. I swear to god I've never lost a single name of it.'' Linus said while looking at his scratched up and bloody fur. ''But it's been a tiebreaker a few times. Tried playing it with a Timberwolf. And, well... I bet you all know what happens next.'' Linus said while sighing. ''Let's just keep our nice, fancy introductions up and running. And we all have fun in this hell of a place.'' Linus joked while his left eye twitched. He wasn't the funnest person to have around. 

((Praying I didn't screw up))

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Vaas looked at Linus, "This trip keeps getting better and better..." Rolling his eyes, "I guess the plague didn't kill the ponies with big egos, but created new ones with even bigger egos..." shaking his head, "Seems anypony with a weapon is here, but where is the skilled ponies at?" mumbling to himself as he turned back to the mage.


"It's very nice to meet you, and how did you know about my plans to gain the powers of necromancy?!" staring at the pony, "Keep this a secret between us, and my plans are somewhat are a secret as well." Thinking of ways the pony came across this information. "This plague has us all to weak, and I want to help rebuild the population before i set my plans in motion, and also hopefully by the end of this we won't need to be enemy." holding out his hoof again, "You have my word if you keep this secret between us, and I'll cover your back if you cover mine...what do you say?" smiling at the mage. 


((Oh yes i know necromancy is a form of life, but i think of it as a darker form of life that is shunned by most ponies. Just like cannibalism is a bad thing to most ponies.))

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Animal ran through the corridors to find the training grounds he busts through the doors. He was panting and trying to catch his breath. "Sorry...guys... I...got...the...message...kinda...late. Woah I have got to get back into shape its been awhile since I have killed anypony." He then looks over to the creepy assassin guy in the corner with the twitchy eye. "Woah dude that's creepy. you're gonna give me a heart attack or something." Animal then pulls out a recon bolt."Hey mister creepy assassin guy you won't be able to get close to me with this arrow right here. It can practically spot you from 300 feet away." Animal then pulls out his compound bow and pulls out a shrapnel bolt out. "I am going to train for a bit before I head out." Animal then looks over to the dummies they were all cut in half. "Okay who in hell cut all the dummies in half seriously. You guys couldn't have let me train even just a little." Animal then puts his bow back and all his bolts back. "Man, I swear I think you guys don't want me to be able to train just so you can kill me yourselves or something."

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"You're on, punk.", said Raze to White Darkness as he drew his two blades, one serated, and one that wasn't. "But first... I think I'll introduce to you my blades." He held up the unserated blade. "This is Sift... and this," he said holding up the toothed blade, "is Edge. Now that we got that part over, en garde!"

He charged at White Darkness, aiming his blades at his throat for a horizontal slice. White Darkness quickly dodged, and used his shortsword to take a stab at Raze's torso, to which Raze quicky parried with Edge. Using Sift, Raze swiped at White Darkness's face, but he quickly blocked it with his broadsword. "Oh no ya don't!", Raze yelled, continuosly slashing down at Darkness's broadsword, hoping he could break his guard, but White Darkness remained strong; at the same time, he slowly pushed his shortsword closer to Raze, who quickly noticed it.

Ah, shit! Raze thought, a bead a sweat dripping down his forehead. Looks like I gotta step up my game!

He quickly increased the speed of his slashes with Sift, each of them getting faster and faster by the second. It had some effect, as it looked like White Darkness was having a bit of trouble keeping the longsword steady from the barrage. Darkness, did however, keep moving the shortsword to break Raze's parry. It was a battle of endurance and strength, both fighters trying desperately to break the other's guard; while also trying to keep their own. In the end though, White Darkness broke first, unable to keep up with the blows being dealt by Raze.

"You're mine!" Raze yelled bringing down Sift and Edge for the finisher.

But Raze forgot for a moment that he still had a shortsword aimed at his torso.

"Gotcha," White Darkness said in a Celestia-esque way, while bringing the shortsword up.

Crap! I can't believe I forgot, Raze thought. He used his quick reflexes to backflip out of the way of White Darkness's swing. Now that both fighters had space from each other, they both charged at each other, both simultaneously lifting up their swords at each other's throats. But they both managed to stop when the blades were an inch away from brutally decapitating them both.

"Not bad," said Raze with a huff, tired from the battle. He withdrew his blades, carefully sheathing them. "Not bad at all..." He bowed in respect to White Darkness, as was accustom for warriors to do when they finished a fight, and left without another word.

((ooc- I hope you don't mind, Celebi, that I did this godmodding for the battle between Raze and White Darkness. I couldn't help myself. Rules were made to be broken. img-1356957-1-tongue.png))

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((@@TBB Animal, You need a lesson in how to RP. In the training room, there are always training dummies. In fact, there are an unlimited amount of training dummies. You just have to say that you have a training dummy. Get it?))



White Darkness bowed low back. "You were a worthy opponent." He then watched a he stalked away in somewhat humiliation. He's certainly prideful... and prinde can sour into arrogance if not watched. He'll merit keeping an eye on.


The Jester of Death smiled, making him look like he was preparing for Animal's death. "No need, laddie. There will be enough chances for you to die... especially as a rogue as yourself." He pointed to the opposite wall. "See? There's more practice dummies." He walked up to him and looked at him for a bit. Then he dug in his backpack and took out three blocks of an explosive and a detonator. "Keep this safe for me, eh?" He nodded and walked away.


((Eccentric explosion junkie, coming through. :P ))


Shadow Seer nodded. "I understand and will keep your secret safe... yet my threat holds true, even after this," he gestured his headaround the place, "is over." He glanced back into the bowl. "What school of magic do you specialize in, if any?"


White Rose stood up straighter. She examined the map, and then she spoke loudly, "Hello, everypony! We wil be starting this quest tomorrow morning at around nine o'clock. Meet me at the train station tomorrow." She bowed and departed for the suites graciously given to them by Celestia. She went through several mental exercises to calm herself for sleep after tonight's events, and to calm the anticipation of tomorrow...

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Diego rolled his eyes at what he considered to be unnecessary showboating. He prefered to train by himself; tho he was naturally talented at chaos magic, he did as well like to keep himself fit so that in a pinch, he didn't have to solely rely on it. However, he did not like to fight other ponies in training; secretive and paranoid, he liked to keep his methods of fighting to himself. Diego leant towards the ninja style of combat; stealth, secrets and being the master of the stab in the dark, or the unexpected attack. He liked to think that opponents underestimated him, thinking him merely a chaos mage and therefore somepony to be trampled underhoof.


Once White Rose made the announcement, Diego gave a sigh of relief. Finally, he could leave this area and at last, somepony was beginning the mission. Without a word to anypony, Diego stalked from the room and left for the suite of rooms that was meant for himself, after asking a guard where they were. Once inside, he locked the doors and the windows and settled himself down.

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