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Ask a stupid question and get a stupid answer

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So, yeah, ask a question that makes no sense or is just plain dumb. the next person will say an answer just as dumb. This can be anything that is not sensitive. (Although you can ask things like "Can I show my 6-year old niece an r34 pic?" just as long as you don't say what r34 really is.)


  You hate MLP, don't you?

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Everything in space is dairy, just look at the Milky Way! Why do they call them “grape tomatoes” if they aren’t really grapes?

Because of SJWs  . (I thought your answer was clever/stupid  ). Why don't cats bark?

Get some sand and a witch. There is your sandwich. :3   Am I going crazy?

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Is it okay to eat dodongos before they get bombed by Link served with Octoroks and lotsa spaghetti?

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Easy! Move the desk down, letting you put Mrs. Wilikin's hat where the desk was, letting Fred move outside, unblocking the Skuntank, letting you move it away from the air vent, giving you the ability to move Team Rocket down their escape tunnel, unblocking the giant golden ball, letting you put it where it's meant to go, letting the casino owner enter, so you can get enough coins to buy Porygon from the Celadon game corner exchange service counter, then you trade it with someone when it is holding the Up-Grade, and they give it back, with it holding the Dubious Disk, letting you get Porygon-Z.







Pingas, Painis or Pootis?

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