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Pony Pickup Lines

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Are you a changeling? 'cause I feel like giving you some love.


You're not a filly, but how about you and I go foal around?

(pun and a pickup line!)

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Twilight pickup line:

The reason I call you Twi is because your already my light

Rainbow dash pickup line:

My heart beats for you faster than you can fly

Pinkie pie pickup line:

If there's one thing I've learnt from you,it's breaking walls(4th wall) .but the wall I want to break is between you and me

Fluttershy pickup line:

If you cheered for me, I bet angel bunny would call backup to send me to heaven

Rarity pickup line:

Why look for gems when I have the most beautiful gem right here. In front of me

Apple jack pickup line:

Your as tough as an apple, but if I told you how

beautiful you are, you'd be as red as one too

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  • Are you Sunset? Because you really Shimmer!
  • Are you Twilight? Because you really Sparkle!
  • You must be Smolder, because you're making me Sweet and Smoky oh gosh that was horrible...*ew*
  • Are you a Wonderbolt? Because you've got my heart Soarin!
  • Are you an apple tree? Cause I wanna buck you all night long that was also horrible
  • Damn, these are some Big Macs you have there~
On 12/15/2013 at 9:00 PM, Flutter's lover <3 said:

"Are you a writer? Because I can see your plot hole.


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