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Writing Trouble with Writing

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Trouble with Sisters


Not sure if this goes here but  it might not fit into fanfic and there is no  area for “character evolution or “story development”  so here goes….


For the last month,  I’ve been writing MLP fanfic here and there,   which I love and have fun with and reading it.  Doing fan art theme things also on the side to keep my flow going for the brain storming but I got hit with the idea with well like many  fans,  a few OCS.   I got the  loose plot for them down,  their two sisters from the same mother which I got a bit of spark from Baby Cakes ep of MLP.  One is a peggy, who lost her wings to a dragon attack as a filly and got machine like ones and the other is a unicorn who is trying to learn  forgotten warrior magic and lives in the ever free.


 Here is the problem:  for weeks I’ve been trying to get down their story but every time I go to write their story down and such or even the most basic of bio’s  I just got a huge BLANK!  Its like my mind freezes but when it comes to writing other things its just a flow and goes!  So what I’m asking is maybe a little insight,  some advice on how to get rid of my “freeze problem”  and also how I can get these two out of my mind and into the land of writing.  


Anything is a welcome and also the unicorn sister:  Silverstream is the unicorn oc,




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