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Yum or Yuck?


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Very simple, and found this game on the CS forums. :) Basically just say YUM or YUCK to whatever food the user above you has replied, and then you type your own food that comes to mind so that the other person can reply your comment. Let's start...





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Jokuc? (ifyouknowwhatimean post-1052-0-26228600-1366066675.gif) I should stop being weird..


Hot Dogs?












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Mashed potato?


As a Swede, it's my responsibility to say YUUUUMM!!!

lol this is true


 I have no clue what that is but it looks disgusting.


BACON? (you're weird if you say yuck)

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It's really good~


YUCK! (I'm a strict vegetarian.)



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YUCK! (Rubbers taste terrible, sharpeners taste bad, and a pencilcase is a recipe for turnabout. I mean disaster!)



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