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My Name is Max
Im a Writer/DJ/Music Producer/Artist/Voice Actor/Brony/Actor/Alot of other things im not gonna list right now.
Im working on a Blog/Video/Viocing series right now, and i would really appreciate the help from people with these skills
1.) Artist
2.) Editor
but those things dont matter right now.
i just wanted to introduce myself before i went and told you people about what i plan to do in the future.
My Favorite Pony : Pinkie Pie
Favorite Music Artist :Neighsayer
Favorite Artist : AssasinMonkey
Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who (MLP is number 2)
Favorite Fanfiction :My New Life in Equestria by Max Beezey
Favorite Song :She Sure Showed Them by Neighsayer
Favorite MLP Song : The Smile Song of Course.                               *BroHoof*
well there's my "small" introduction, thanks for reading, And Brony On. /)(\


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Welcome to the forums, and all that stuff.

If you are looking for help with your project, you might want to post in Creative Resources.

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Welcome to the forum





Welcome, this is a nice and a friendly forum. Hopefully you'll like it here.

There will probably be no trouble for you finding people for those positions.


See you around the forum.

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