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Which was your favorite gala dress?

Mia Angelle

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Despite my love for Rarity, I actually hated her Gala dress. I didn't care for Twilight's or Pinkie Pie's dresses at all. On the other hand, I LOVED Rainbow's, Fluttershy's, and Apple Jack's dresses! My favorite out of those three would certainly have to be RB; the golden head crests and arm scythes did it for me. xD

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Rarity rocked her dress, in my opinion. It's hard to top her. Rainbow Dash definitely had the most unique gala dress of the Mane 6.


All in all, I have to go with Rarity.

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Ooo. This one is tough. I'd have to say it's a tie between Fluttershy's dress or perhaps Twilight's. Then again... Applejack was adorable...


I don't know which is my favorite out of those three s:

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