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Excuse me... Excuse me... H-Hello, I am FluttershyTheGreat. (She's my all time favourite pony) or just call me Starskies. I mean, if that's okay with you. I am really excited as I am a pegasis who recently found the amazing show. *Deep breath* yay... I'm sorry, little bunnies, In didn't mean to scare you. My second favourite is Rainbow Dash. But I love them all. Just happen to adore Fluttershy the most. Sorry.

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Hello!  You say that Fluttershy is your favorite pony and Rainbow Dash is your second favorite?  You remind me of me because I'm the exact same way.  wink.png


Welcome to the forums, sugarcube.  There are countless Fluttershy related posts to read and I wrote a good number of them.  Have fun.  :)

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Oh come on in, my dear. Don't be shy.

Have a muffin.

Name's Tayari, you can call me Tay or Kestrel. Pleasure to meet you.

I'm a Rainbow Dash fan myself, and I'd say there are quite a few Fluttershy fans around here. Ok... more than quite a few.


Anyway, welcome aboard! I'll see you out on the field!

Tayari, out.

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Welcome welcome, this is a gem of a forum, i hope you have a blast!


I as well am under the spell of "fluttershy love" however, during my watching of the second season i have realized that Rainbow Dash is my second favorite as well!


*HEAVILY GASPS FOR AIR* (gentle) Woohoo....

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Starskies is easier to say and sounds more elegant, so that's what I'll call you. biggrin.png


Welcome to MLP Forums! It doesn't matter who your favorite pony is, nobody is going to hurt you for it, though the occasional best pony war does appear in status updates and such. Mine is Twilight. She's the cutest, smartest, all around best pony. tongue.png


Have a look around and relax. This is a pretty chill place. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

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