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hiya everypony! pease help


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Hello! smile.png welcome to this forum! It is an amazing place biggrin.png you will enjoy it for real.


Now, let me tell you about the site:


Canterlot Castle is the place to go when you want to know about the mayor changes to the site. It is important that you visit it at least once a week to see if the site has had a mayor change.


Equestria.tv forum is to discuss about the topics concerning the Equestria.tv site. This site is for you to watch ponies all day with other ponies. On fridays we have streaming of movies, so you can join us on friday. Check the forum to see what time is it going to be (and go check the poll to choose two of the available movies to watch this friday with us biggrin.png).


Feedback Suggestions it is to tell the admins and owners of the forum anything you'd like to see, something you don't like about the site or any suggestion for them. Even though the site is near perfection, they think they can still improve, so if you have a suggestion feel free to post img-1369822-1-UNZJLhS.png.


Site Questions & Tech-Support is the place to go if you have any questions of you have issues with your account or somewhere in the site.


Now, here comes the soul of this forum wub.pngShow Discussion is self explanatory, so you can check it right away.


Alicorn Twilight Sparkle is to exclusively discuss about this (considered to be a) mayor plot twist in the series.


Sugarcube Corner is to discuss everything that's related to ponies but not the show itself.


Equestria Girls is to discuss about this spin off. I personally never visit this one, but it is active all the time.


Octavia's Hall is divided into several sub forums, but this one is for the creative ponies. You can find artistic resources, advices, pony and non-pony related music, fan fiction, art and other stuff. We have really talented ponies here wub.png.


Roleplay World is for one of the most funny activities here... ROLEPLAY ohmy.png You should always check the rules (since you're new, you're not allowed to participate here yet, but you will eventually, so don't worry, you'll enjoy this later).


Beyond Equestria is to discuss anything that isn't related to the forum. If you want to discuss something about your life or anything else, look no further.


Please, check the Forum Rules beforehand of you might do something wrong; the mods here are really polite (a.k.a. they don't angry.png or mellow.png) and you'll have a great time here.


Enjoy it and consider us your friends. SO AWESOME TO HAVE YOU HERE! wub.png

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Sup, lightning!



*Looks at solidsnake's post*




Well, I guess that's just about all the help you need to get started! Welcome to the forums!

And big thank you to you, solidsnake, for being so darn helpful!

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Welp, cd_solidsnake luckily covered the maneuvering part for ya'. .o. (I REALLY wouldn't of been able to help.. sad.png  )

Buuutttttttt! Welcome to the forum! This is a very nice place to be at, and I hope you enjoy your time here! I even guarantee it! 

Everyone is very friendly, so if you ever get stuck, just ask around!~ derpy_emoticon1.png

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Hi! Looks like cd_solidsnake's got your basic guide around the forums... Which is good because my sense of direction is TERRIBLE.


Anyway... my name is Nayru, and if you ever need anything, feel free to PM me and I'll try my best to help! happy.png laugh.png biggrin.png img-1369822-1-UNZJLhS.png

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Seems that you already got your help! Oh well... Welcome on this forum. I am Persian, the resident crazy Discord fangirl. I hope you will like this awesomely fun forum!

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Well welcome there to the forums glad to have you!


It seems cd_solidsnake got a pretty darn good overview of the site, if you have any further specific questions feel free to ask me or anyone really. Im more then happy to help of I can!


If not have fun on the site! See us soon!

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