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Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

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Howl's moving castle ;D ~

*Searched and didn't see another thread like this*I saw The Grey today.I really liked it since it didn't follow hollywood conventions.  

Does a My little Pony mare-a-thon count?

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A Silent Voice (2016)

Wow... this was something else. I've never come out of a cinema feeling as drained as I did with this Kyoto Animation feature. Hell, it's themes surrounding bullying, disability, social anxiety, communal isolation and suicide hit home so hard that I burst into tears as I left the cinema. It's a film not for the faint hearted, as it's relentlessly intense from the first minute right to its conclusion without much of a comedic break to give you rest. It's a difficult watch too, one that I barely survived but I can appreciate it for tackling such heavy topics without sugarcoating ANYTHING, making it a much more profound experience as a whole. Thankfully, it keeps a steady pace with some sublime animation and interesting characters to ensure it's got some vibrancy. Some of those characters are one dimensional, a few plot elements are left unexplained and its steadily consistent pace makes its 2 hour 10 minute run time feel a little too long but even with that, it was still a rewarding film with some excellent voice acting that compliments and supplements its intense dramatic tone well, making it feel well-rounded despite the issues I've made apparent.

I haven't read the manga this adaptation was based on, but it's something I want to check out now having seen this. It's one of the most difficult films I've ever seen and its not perfect as many have stated, but damn... this is a film that's worth seeing if you want to test yourself. It may seem cute and cuddly from the outside, but I swear, it's anything but that.


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Gravity, which represented the stillness beyond our atmosphere in such a way it woke up a bittersweet longing within myself, for how it's like beyond the existential struggles of living organisms.

It reminded me of home, everywhere yet nowhere.

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Return to Oz


This is one that I'd always heard was a cult classic. After reading the first three books, I decided to see how the movie compared. There are scenes that actually follow the books pretty closely, compared to the MGM movie. I liked it, overall.

And yeah, it's pretty much as creepy as everyone says. :P 

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