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Random Scenario!: Wake up in the middle of the night to find a phoenix outside!


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I'd shut the blinds and go back to sleep lol. However, i'm usually an insomniac so this is how it would play out for me.


*le me playing Bioshock 2


*Phoenix bird with chicks outside chirping loudly


Me: Aw that's so cute.


*closes the windows and shuts the blinds


Me: I'm trying to play here!

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Reaction 1: Start shaping a new world because I would deduce that I was dreaming.


Reaction 2: Look at it, d'awwwww, take a few pictures trying to disturb them as little as possible and then leave them in peace.


Reaction 3: Call my local university, there's SCIENCE to do! img-1410791-1-ohmy.png


Any one of these three, really. The most plausible one is reaction 1 though.

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It would mean Magic is 100% real, and I could go to Hogwarts. Okay... I'd keep it because I would get more bragging rights xD. I'm kidding.. Sorta -.-

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Grab my camera and run outside before it flies away! :P

Actually, I'd probably approach it calmly and slowly, because from what I've learnt, animals don't like it when you walk right up to them. :P

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