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Gaming MLP Multi Game Clan! {-MLP-}


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Hello everypony,


I'm hoping I am allowed to post a new Steam group here to open to everypony here on MLPForums!

I'm happy to announce that I have started a Multi Game MLP Clan open to every brony in the entire world! wub.png




My user is {-MLP-}Lil'MissRarity


I'm hoping that everypony here will join the clan! Join me on Raidcall.

Forums and everything will be coming up later smile.png


Join today and let's have fun pwning everypony in these games!wink.png


IMPORTANT: Also, Read the rules that are on the clan group page.derpy_emoticon2.png 

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Sure! Let's destroy anyone who comes across our path! My forte is FPS games, I play mostly in high ranked matches, played in a few competitions too, so if you ever need someone to help you out in FPS games, feel free to call me, whenever I'm with other mates I'll make sure we never lose but it depends on the sizes of the teams. The name's Winterbass or Scoota-Bot on steam, I've already joined the group ^^

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