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Interested in making a Tumblr. Need some help.

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I'm kind of interested in making an ask pony tumblr, but I'm a bit lost about how I should proceed. Any ideas about what I should expect in making a tumblr? How hard are they to maintain and manage? I'm not the best digital artist outside of vectors, will that be acceptable in picture answers to questions?


Next, I need some help at making my "schtick." Most tumblrs are about more than just the pony, it's usually some offshoot of them. Molestia being a succubus, Little Miss Rarity being deranged and plagued by evil forces, Kinky Pie being...well, kinky. And everything in between. What should my schtick be? I was thinking of doing something about Soarin. Maybe tie him into my real life and make it about him being in flight school? Maybe something about a pie addiction? 


Help! tongue.png

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If it is help you need, then help it is!

When making an ask blog, remember to keep a steady pace when posting your responses, and make sure to leave a good impression when creating one.

Maintaining and managing a blog all depends on you, hard or easy, it's all on you, but as long as you organize and keep it steady, you should do fine.

When making your art, any type of art is fine, original or not, just make sure most of it is readable and appealing to others to enjoy.

And as for your "shtick", it can be about anypony, paired or not, some can be paired like vinyl and octavia, and others are single like twilight and surprise, the idea of soarin sounds promising, for him attending flight school does sound great to show his backstory...

As an added idea, I recommend showing what he went through to accomplish his goals, as well as showing how he met spitfire.

You could add pie as a humorous ongoing pun if you want to. XD


Anyways, hope most of that helps, I never had a tumblr ask blog, but I know what the basics and advanced basics are to handle one, maybe I'll make one in the future if I can.


Good luck, and hope my tips help you out! wink.png

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