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I haven't started a topic in here for a long time...but it's spring, and running season is on!

So let's hear from all you joggers, runners, triathletes...whatever!


So a little about me...


Favorite Distance of Race: 10k

Favorite Race Ever: 2005 Grandma's Marathon - first marathon I ever did. I was just aiming to finish and I did!

Worst Race: 2005 Trestle Valley Half-Marathon - 25 degrees, snowing, first 6 miles had a 15 mph head wind...hated that run


Currently I am averaging about 25-30 miles a week. I have some 5k's, a 10k and a half marathon planned this year. Next year I will be running the Illini marathon in Central Illinois


Well...that's enough of me!


How about you guys!

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Not sure if there is a running thread already... don´t care, just gonna post here :3


I love to run, my favourite distance is atm 20 km, I try to run 20km-stints once or twice a week, depending on how I find the time.


As I turned 18 I ran my irst marathon (younger than that you are not allowed for full distance here ._.), and that was probably the best one... totally destroyed but insanely happy. Worst race was I guess my 3rd Marathon, not enough training and sun all the way (and no shadow from trees whatsoever), horrible xD.

Haven´t been at any famous marathons, just in my hometown and small city on the north sea...

Will probably run my 5th later this year, hopefully with a friend.


Atm I´m , as I said not runing to much, I´m trying to gain a bit more weight... :)

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Right here, good sir.


Best race: I ran about a 21 minute 5k (It was a highschool race)


Worst race: I tried to run a mini last spring (I had been training since January, and worked up to being able to run over 10 miles.) But alas, I didn't drink nearly enough water, I had the remnants of a sinus infection, and it got to be pretty hot. I ran about 4 miles, and then stopped around every mile or so to take a short walking break.


I'm currently working on getting back into the running routine (I hadn't ran since winter, until a few weeks ago.) I'm gonna try to spend this whole year getting in the best shape I possibly can (Not just running-wise, but fitness-wise), and re-attempt the mini.

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first of all...brohoofs to the few that answered...


Good on all of you! I love to run


I am averaging five miles a day with a day rest once a week. I know some runners will jump on me for this...but I did it...I bought minimalist shoes today. I am taking a break tomorrow then scaling back to a mile or two to start training myself to mid strike while I run. I've heard good form behind it and so many personal stories...so hear goes nothing!


thanks again for posting!

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I love to run i am a free runner (Parkour) so i run every where. but living in a small town is starting get boring hopefully someday i will have the chance to run a larger area

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I'm not a professional runner or anything, by that, I mean, I don't run in tournaments or competitions.


I usually run 10km every weekend. It's just a routine I do every week, because I want to keep a healthy body and not end up obese. The furthest I've ran was about 17km, it was at school--we were doing sport and started running around the footy field. I ended up running 17km before the bell ran. c:



So yeah, I like to run, and I do it every week.




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